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Will Ospreay sidelined by positive COVID test

Will Ospreay’s Twitter

After Will Ospreay returned last month from a neck injury he said could have been career-threatening, fans got busy fantasy booking big matches for the New Japan star. He was on a lot of people’s lists as a potential opponent for matches this weekend against the likes of CM Punk & Jon Moxley at AEW All Out, or a shot at reclaiming the IWGP World Heavyweight title he had to vacate from Shingo Takagi at NJPW’s Wrestle Grand Slam.

Turns out, he wouldn’t have been available anyway.

That’s the least important thing about Ospreay after he - and the UK’s RevPro, where he was actually booked to appear this weekend - revealed he’s contracted COVID.

As he is fully vaccinated, Ospreay says he’s only experiencing mild symptoms. He’ll still be resting/recuperating/quarantining for the next couple weeks, but is still expected to make his next scheduled date, RevPro’s High Stakes on Sept. 19.

Ospreay was still in character for his Twitter promo about his positive test.

“I’m sure I’ll be back in no time so other than that, I hope everyone is well. Sorry that I can’t go out to RevPro shows this weekend, but still gonna be a killer show, still full of loads of amazing talent, but just not as good as me, because I’m pretty much the best fucking wrestler in the world. So unfortunately guys, you’ll have to deal with like really, really good wrestling, just not the best wrestling, because the best wrestler is currently battling COVID. I’m going to beat COVID and why? Because I am on another level. Got my catchphrase in by telling people I caught COVID - what a weird world.”

Weird world indeed.

Join us in sending healthy thoughts to the 28 year old Brit. We still want to see those Mox, Punk, Shingo (and Bryan Danielson!) matches.

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