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Lucha Libre Roundup: Triplemania mystery partners revealed, Titan wins Leyenda de Plata, more!

Welcome to the Lucha Libre Roundup with news from the masked sport.

Triplemania XXIX is next weekend on Saturday, August 14. The draw for international fans is Kenny Omega defending the AAA Megacampeonato against Andrade. The main event will be mask versus hair in the heated feud between Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion.

AAA released the Triplemania poster, and two mystery partners were revealed. It seemed likely that the invading Empresa faction would team Puma King with Sam Adonis and Diamante Azul, but only Puma was official when the match was originally announced. The poster confirmed the presence of Adonis and Azul.


The updated Triplemaina lineup includes:

  • Mask vs. Hair: Psycho Clown vs. Rey Escorpion
  • AAA Megacampeonato: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Andrade
  • Lucha de Empresas: Team AAA (Pagano, Murder Clown, & Chessman) vs. La Empresa (Puma King, Sam Adonis, & DMT Azul)
  • AAA Tag Team Championship: Fenix & Pentagon (c) vs. Hijo del Vikingo & Laredo Kid vs. Taurus & surprise luchador
  • Title vs. Title: Faby Apache (AAA Reina de Reinas) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (Impact Knockouts)
  • Copa Bardahl: Drago, Mr. Iguana, Mamba, plus 9 surprise luchadores
  • Marvel Lucha Libre: Team Leyenda Americana vs. Team Terror Purpura

As of now, the show will not be available worldwide. It will stream through AAA’s Facebook page in Mexico, air on local cable channels, and play in the Cinepolis movie theater chain.

In newsworthy action from AAA’s weekly TV show, Taurus successfully defended the AAA Latin American Championship (video). He competed against Villano III Jr., Octagon Jr., and Faby Apache.

Faby almost pulled the upset with a bridging German suplex, but the champ kicked out. Taurus took control with a powerbomb backbreaker to Faby. Villano connected on a flying crossbody, however, Taurus regrouped for a spear. The champ retained via Rodeo Driver on Villano.

Over in CMLL, Templario and Titan duked it out in the final of the Leyenda de Plata tournament. The main event match kicks off at 1:28:24 of the show. If you are in the mood for exciting lucha libre athleticism, then check out this contest. For those diving in unfamiliar with the combatants, Templario wore pants while Titan was in trunks.

Templario earned the first fall with a quick cloverleaf submission variation. Titan weathered the storm to even the score with an armbar in the second fall. The third fall was action-packed with plenty of high-flying and creative slams. Templario took a tumble on a Sasuke Special cartwheel attack down to the floor and needed to be attended to by ringside physicians. Templario shook off the pain to continue the fight. The finish went down to the wire. Titan connected on a springboard double stomp. Templario came back with a powerbomb backbreaker. Titan used a headbutt to set up a Blue Thunder Bomb for victory. Titan posed with his prize.


CMLL also recently held a Torneo Cibernetico Suicida for the Minis. Mask or hair was at stake for the loser. Participants included Pierrothito, Fantasy, Pequeño Violencia, Mercurio, Acero, Angelito, Pequeño Olimpico, Shockercito, Kaligua, Aéreo, Último Dragoncito, and Yoker. In the end, Shockercito defeated Pequeño Violencia to win his hair.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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