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Newest Bullet Club member becomes official on Impact

Jay White came to Impact for two specific reasons. One was to handle business with David Finlay, who will be White’s opponent for the NEVER Openweight Championship at NJPW Resurgence on August 14. The other was to conduct official Bullet Club business in recruiting their newest member. That mission is now complete. Chris Bey earned the right to wear the Bullet Club t-shirt.

White had his eye on Bey, but their relationship got off to a rocky start. Bey’s arrogant attitude almost saw him choose to go solo. White convinced Bey to rethink the proposal. When White and Bey teamed up in tag action last week, Bey took the loss to the Good Brothers. White is a fan of redemption, so he had another task in mind for Bey. They bushwhacked FinJuice backstage.

Tonight (Aug. 5, 2021) on Impact Wrestling, Bey wrestled against Juice Robinson. White created a distraction down the stretch. Finlay intervened to engage in fisticuffs on the entrance ramp. During the hullabaloo, Bey pounced for a springboard cutter to pin Robinson.

That victorious effort was enough to sway White’s mind. Afterward, he handed a Bullet Club t-shirt to Bey. The recruit happily accepted to become their newest member.

Bey joins the illustrious Bullet Club lineage with a chance to skyrocket his career into the stratosphere.

Do you think Chris Bey is a worthy addition to the Bullet Club? Which future matches are you eager to see with Bey representing the Bullet Club?

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