WWE NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Aug. 5, 2021): Ironman

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Today we're being treated to NXT UK's first ever Ironman match between A-Kid and Jordin Devlin! But first we get treated to Xia Brookeside back in action against Blair Davenport, and the debut of the tag team of Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz.

The show starts with the great video package that put out yesterday. It features Shawn Michaels talking about what an Ironman match means and what it takes to win. If you weren't already hyped for this one then let HBK get you amped up!

Xia Brookeside versus Blair Davenport

Both women put on a pretty good show here. There wasn't a huge amount of build for this one but Davenport had accused Brookeside of only being there because of her name after Satomura had set off the women's locker room brawl last week. Andy and Nigel really play up Brookeside's heritage and how she's trying to fight the impression of nepotism.

As mentioned both women put on a good show here. There weren't too many highlights and it was a really short match due to the Ironman match later. Brookeside gets a good flurry with a hurricanrana, double knees to Davenport's back in the corner, and finally a neck breaker into a cover. But Davenport survives and comes back with a big roundhouse to Brookeside's head, a drop kick off the ropes, and a massive knee to the face of a kneeling Brookeside for the pin fall victory! Afterwards Davenport beats up Brookeside some more so doesn't look like this one's over.


Exclusive backstage content after last week's main event: Mustache Mountain are backstage celebrating their victory over Symbiosis when Pretty Deadly challenges them for the titles. Bate says they're too busy but Sevens talks him into accepting. We later learn this will be in 2 weeks' time.

Heritage Cup Contender Tournament: Sid Scala informs us that Bate is insisting on being a fighting champion so starting next week there'll be a #1 Contender's tournament for the Heritage Cup. We get to immediately see who'll be competing and how the brackets look:

  • Mark Andrews versus Noam Dar
  • Kenny Williams versus Oliver Carter
  • Nathan Frazer versus Teoman
  • Sam Gradwell versus Wolfgang
Isla Dawn: we see her wandering through some ruins in a forest with creepy signing in the background. She opens up a mystic looking box with a watch inside. As she looks at it we see clips of her match against Emilia McKenzie then she puts it back in the box and covers it up.

Subculture: A camera crew catches up to them and asks what's next? Flash Morgan Webster approaches Wolfgang who is helpfully nearby and talks about how awesome it was that Wolfgang just slapped Bate to issue a challenge. Wolfgang chuckles and agrees so Webster slaps him then runs off. Later we get confirmation that the match is official for next week.

Amale and Nina Samuels: Amale is getting make up and hair done for an interview when Samuels barges in screaming that the title shot should have been hers. The two women brawl as refs separate them. These two fight next week.

Aoife Valkyrie: very dramatic music plays as Valkyrie stands behind some bars. She challenges Jinny to a rematch without Conners and I get very excited thinking it'll be a cage match but the promo just ends with Valkyrie doing her pose in front of what looks like a go-go cage. Hopefully we learn more next week.

Stevie Turner: we see her approach Meiko Satomura as she's training Emilia McKenzie and Aleah James at the Performance Center. Turner says there's nothing Satomura can teach either of them that'll help them beat her so Satomura slaps her in the face! Given how feisty our Champion is it looks like Turner's next for a title shot!

Danny Jones and Josh Morrell versus Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff

Jones and Morrell put on a pretty good show doing the job for Starz and Mastiff here. As advertised Starz and Mastiff were a pretty good team together. Morrell had a nice reversal in the corner into a crossbody and cover combo while Jones had some high energy strikes and tosses into the turnbuckles. Ultimately Starz got Morrell in the tree of woe and gave him a flying headbutt which let Mastiff tag in and one cannonball later had the pin fall victory!

A-Kid versus Jordan Devlin in an Ironman Match

Not what I'd call an instant classic but this was a great match and lived up to the hype. A-Kid gets a lot of the early offense but eventually Devlin ties up A-Kid's wounded knee in the ropes and starts striking it. Devlin takes advantage of this by scoring the first submission of the match about 9 minutes in -- Devlin ahead 1-0. A-Kid's knee injury will be a major storyline throughout this match.

Devlin is able to put A-Kid in a figure four leg lock around the ring post but lets go before the disqualification. He then puts A-Kid into the Boston crab but A-Kid breaks it by getting to the ropes. A-Kid gets back on offense with a series of German suplexes. A-Kid later goes for a cover and really smoothly transitions into an arm bar after Devlin kicks out. This scores A-Kid a submission so the match is tied 1-1 after about 18 minutes.

A-Kid gets all the offense now and sling Devlin into the corner. Devlin uses this momentum to propel himself over the ropes and out of the ring. Visibly frustrated now Devlin grabs a chair but A-Kid kicks it into his face before Devlin can use it. A-Kid gets both of them back into the ring and a crossbody from the top turnbuckle for a near fall.

Both men are really starting to show their fatigue now and Devlin's arm is really starting to get hurt. He tries to put A-Kid into a cloverleaf but his arm is just too hurt. A-Kid takes advantage for a couple of near falls. Both men exchange blows leading to a funny moment when a near unconscious Devlin bounces off the ropes and connects with a headbutt on A-Kid. He gets a near fall just by collapsing on his stunned opponent.

With 5 minutes left both men were on the apron exchanging blows again. Devlin gets rocked and falls down to the floor. As A-Kid gets ready to attack Devlin pulls the ring apron away from the ring making A-Kid stumble. Devlin grabs him by the arm and pulls A-Kid into a Devlin Side on the floor! A-Kid just barely manages to dive back into the ring before the 10 count preventing Devlin from scoring a point.

Devlin tries to take advantage by going for the Devlin Side but A-Kid counters it with that crazy extra flip thing like what Cameron Grimes did on Tuesday. A-Kid takes advantage with a big kick for a near fall and a transition into an arm bar which Devlin again resists. A-Kid goes for his octopus stretch submission but his injured knee gives out so he switches sides and really bends Devlin's arm in a gross manner to get a submission. A-Kid leads 2-1 with about a minute left.

Devlin desperately tries to mount a comeback with a flurry of offense and scores just a wagon load of near falls. Finally he puts A-Kid down and goes for the pin fall but the bell rings just as the referee's arm is coming down for 3! No score. A-Kid wins 2-1! Call me crazy but I don't think this is the end of this rivalry.

Overall: B+

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is not good.

All three matches in this one were good to great. It's been a while since we've seen Xia wrestle and the show she put on here is better than what I remember her doing in her last match. Davenport continues to impress. Mastiff and Starz look like they should be a force in the Tag Team Division regardless of their current push. Finally the Ironman match definitely lived up to my expectations despite not exceeding them. Possibly unfair because my expectations were pretty high but both A-Kid and Jordan Devlin are wonderful wrestlers and great story tellers in the ring.

What about everyone else? How'd you feel about this one? Will A-Kid and Jordan Devlin stand out in the history of the Ironman match? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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