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The Riott is over as Ruby Soho arrives in NYC

Over the past couple weeks, Ruby Soho (fka Heidi Lovelace, fka Ruby Riott) has been entertaining us with slickly produced videos chronicling her journey to... somewhere.

The latest edition dropped just after midnight ET today, and looks to be the end of Ruby’s travels. Or at least the Twitter teaser portion of them.

In the Aug. 31 vignette, Ruby has arrived in New York City. She’s been trying to get there since missing a train out of Orlando, and getting rattled by a New Jersey radio station that plays WWE entrance music when she stole a car to drive into the Big Apple.

Beyond reaching at least the general vicinity of her ultimate destination, the major theme is Ruby fully settling into her new identity. The Rancid classic Lars Frederiksen gave her permission to use plays throughout part three of “The Runaway”, and she produces an ID with the Ruby Soho name on it to get into a bar at the end of the video.

The first ID she offers to the bouncer has her old indie name on it, and is one of several Easter Eggs. Another big one is the fellow graffiti artists Ruby passes who’s spray painting “The Riot Is Over” on an alley wall.

It wraps up with this flashing across the screen. Soho’s destination is still... unknown.

Reports are Soho will be working for AEW soon. While “unknown” fits, the only All Elite-related brand I can fill those blanks with is Rampage. Today marks 90 days from her WWE release. Showing up at one of AEW’s Chicagoland shows this week doesn’t fit the NYC theme of “The Runaway”, but plans are said to have already changed for another Tony Khan signee.

Will they work another debut in between CM Punk and Bryan Danielson? Or has Ruby worked me into reading too much into her cool video series?

Stay tuned.

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