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Kamille & Deonna Purrazzo retain titles, new tag champs crowned at NWA Empowerrr

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NWA Empowerrr featured three title bouts. The NWA World Women’s Championship, Impact Kncokouts Championship, and NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship were up for grabs. Let’s break down the matches.

NWA World Women’s Championship

Kamille is the brickhouse of the NWA. She represents the company proudly as their women’s champion. Leyla Hirsch was the challenger coming in from AEW. The story of the match was the size difference. The challenger was barely tall enough for the top of her head to reach the champ’s shoulders. Hirsch aimed to prove that good things come in small packages.

Billy Corgan enhanced the vibe of the big fight by showcasing Mildred’s Burke original championship belt from 1954.

Ding, ding, ding. Let’s get it on! Hirsch shot low for a takedown, but Kamille ragdolled her across the ring. Kamille taunted the diminutive challenger with a test of strength. Hirsch responded by slapping Kamille’s chest then grabbing a hand to run up the corner for a springboard headscissors. Hirsch snatched an arm, however, the champ escaped the ring to safety. Or so she thought. Hirsch attacked with a suicide dive.

Kamille created distance by rolling into the ring then all the way across back outside. Hirsch plotted her next attack to launch for a hurricanrana. Kamille handled the load to swing Hirsch into the ring steps head first.

Kamille dirtied the fight ringside using the surroundings to her advantage. Back in the ring, Kamille picked up Hirsch, who countered into a sleeper. Kamille backed into the corner, so Hirsch transitioned to an armbar over the ropes. The referee broke the exchange. Hirsch ran forward, and Kamille caught her for a fireman’s carry drop. The champ was in control, although, it was only a matter of time before the challenger battled back. Hirsch leaped on the turnbuckles for a super German suplex.

Hirsch followed up with three snap Germans and two running knees. The champ refused to stay down on the cover. Hirsch applied another armbar. Kamille was able to reach the ropes for the break.

Kamille used a big boot to regain momentum. After a torture rack powerbomb, Hirsch surprisingly kicked out. Both women sat up on the mat and delivered stiff elbow blows and punches. Hirsch got the better of Kamille with a German suplex and a hard clothesline. Kamille kicked out once again. Hirsch went high risk, but it did not pay off when she missed the moonsault. Kamille charged for a spear. Hirsch amazingly still had the wherewithal to hop up and over. She hit a backstabber then back into the armbar. Kamille powerbombed her way to freedom.

Hirsch ran full force for a knee strike. Kamille showed she has the mental aptitude to match her power by anticipating the strike to catch Hirsch and toss her across the ring. That set up a spear for Kamille to retain her title. Strictly Business (Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, & Chris Adonis) celebrated for their associate’s success.

This was a badass match. It played to the David versus Goliath style with a twist. Typically that story is told with speedsters. Hirsch’s skill set is different, and it was cool to see her unleash suplexes and slams on the bigger opponent. Hirsch lived up to her nickname as being Legit in the ring. Kamille was very impressive as well. For as fresh as she is on the scene, the champ showed she has what it takes to put on a satisfying show.

Impact Knockouts Championship

James was looking to stack the Empowerrr card with top talent, so she persuaded Deonna Purrazzo to cross through the Forbidden Door and defend the Knockouts Championship. The Virtuosa’s opponent on this evening was Melina.

Purrazzo kept true to form and worked a body part. In a bit of a surprise, the Virtuosa focused on the knee instead of softening the arm for her signature armbar submission. The logic was going after Melina’s reconstructed ACL. That strategy paid off.

Purrazzo was in control with repeated shots to the knee and a figure-four for pain. The tide turned when Purrazzo charged for a spear but crashed into the ring post as Melina moved. Melina fired up for a clothesline and fancy foot strikes. Purrazzo kept her wits and grounded Melina with a Russian leg sweep to go back to work on the knee.

Purrazzo looked to close with the Gotch piledriver. Melina escaped then connected on a high kick. Purrazzo came back with a pump kick. Melina attempted a sunset flip powerbomb out of the corner, however, Purrazzo grabbed the ropes to prevent motion. The champ stacked up for a pin, but the challenger kicked out.

Back to damaging the knee. Melina scored a jawbreaker to create space. As Melina ran the ropes, she collapsed due to the discomfort. That didn’t stop Melina from surprising Purrazzo with a leg hook swinging neckbreaker. Unfortunately, the pain caused Melina to stall on the cover, and Purrazzo kicked out.

Melina tried to close with her Primal Scream finisher. Purrazzo swiftly countered into an armbar. As Melina reached for the bottom rope, Purrazzo hooked her for the Venus de Milo double armbar. Purrazzo transitioned to a half crab to earn the submission victory. The Virtuosa remains Knockouts champion.

Solid bout. Purrazzo executed her blueprint, but she swerved a little by working the knee. That was an intriguing change of pace from the armbar focus. Melina did her best and even created doubt about the idea that Purrazzo was a lock to win.

NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament

The NWA resuscitated its women’s tag team division after the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship laid dormant since 1984. A four-team tournament determined the newest titleholders at Empowerrr.

The first semifinal was between Allysin Kay & Marti Belle and Sahara 7 & Renee Michelle. The match broke down to a flurry of moves before the finish. Michelle clobbered Belle with a rolling elbow strike. Kay nailed Michelle with a big boot to the chest. Sahara put Kay down on a suplex DDT. Belle made the save for her teammate on the pinfall. Kay and Belle powered up for a double team flapjack and double knee strikes to clear Sahara from the ring. The winning duo used a double team facebuster to pin Michelle. Kay held the body, while Belle used a double underhook to drive Michelle’s face into the mat. Allysin Kay & Marti Belle defeated Sahara 7 & Renee Michelle.

The second semifinal saw the AEW duo of Red Velvet & KiLynn King square off against the Freebabes. The Freebabes are a collection of second-generation talent. Jazzy Yang is the daughter of Jimmy Wang Yang, Hollyhood Haley J is the daughter of Amazing Maria, and Miranda Gordy is the daughter of Terry Gordy.

Jimmy was a proud father for his daughter’s NWA debut.

Yang and Gordy represented the Freebabes in the match with Haley running interference on the outside. Yang broke up a close pinfall with a shoulder block on King. Velvet tried to take care of Yang, but Jazzy bashed Lil Cupcake out of the ring. Yang picked up King in a fireman’s carry, so Gordy could run the ropes for an attack. Unfortunately for the Freebabes, King escaped and shoved Yang into Gordy. King crushed Yang on her Kingdom Falls slam finisher to advance. Red Velvet & KiLynn King defeated the Freebabes.

The Freebabes definitely have potential. Haley has charisma on the mic. Gordy oozes powerhouse style. Yang rounds out the trio with skills that are sho’nuff. A televised promotion would be smart to snatch these women up with contracts.

In the tournament final, the AEW team slightly veered heel as outsiders to the NWA. They actually only did common tactical maneuvers found in AEW to prevent tags, but it feels different when in other promotions.

Kay was on the receiving end of a beatdown. She turned the tide with a huge spinebuster to Velvet. Hot tag to Belle to clean house. The AEW squad regained control, but Velvet missed the target on a flying splash. The NWA pair went for their Hexicution finisher, however, King rocked Belle from the apron. Velvet scored a roll-up only for Kay to kick out. Kay picked up Velvet on her shoulder and used Velvet’s legs to knock King down. Belle regrouped to join Kay in executing a teamwork AK47 cutter to win. Madusa presented the new champs with the title belts. A handshake of respect was exchanged between opponents.

Kay and Belle showed good chemistry as a unit. They are a tag team to be reckoned with across all promotions. In past NWA stories, Belle was the weak link. Not so much anymore. Kay is still the captain, but Belle more than held her own. Three cheers for hardworking friends achieving success.

Share you thoughts on the NWA title matches at Empowerrr. What was your reaction to each contest?

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