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Awesome Kong retires at NWA Empowerrr

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Awesome Kong has retired, and she did it saving her greatest rival from harm at the all-women NWA Empowerrr PPV.

Gail Kim took to the ring to cut a promo about what the Empowerrr show meant to her. She has poured sweat, tears, love, and life into professional wrestling. Now, she can enjoy the fruits of her labor with Empowerrr. Kim felt humbled to be part of the historic event.

Taryn Terrell interrupted the speech. She was flanked by Jennacide and Paola Blaze. Terrell was flattered that Kim came all the way just to see her, but there is only room for one legend at this show. Terrell ordered Kim to exit the ring. Kim defiantly stepped up to Terrell, so Terrell requested her girls to handle the situation.

Awesome Kong’s music hit the speakers. The crowd erupted as she walked to the ring. Kong stared in Kim’s eyes. Jennacide put a hand on Kong’s shoulder thinking they had the same goal of pummeling Kim. Instead, Kong blasted Jennacide with a backfist. Kong flattened Blaze with a clothesline. Kong finished with a chokeslam to Jennacide then an Implant Buster to Blaze on top of Jennacide.

Terrell dipped onto the apron out of harm’s way, but she was still flapping her gums. Kim charged causing Terrell to tumble to the floor. As Kim was on the apron, Kong blew in her hair. Kong motioned to tease for one more scuffle in their legendary rivalry. Kim entered the ring and handed a mic to Kong.

Kong spoke about the only thing getting her off her couch and away from delicious ice cream bars is Kim. If Kong is going to go out, then she’s going out with the toughest ho she knows. Kong confirmed that her career is over. “Thank you,” chants rang out from the crowd. Kim battled tears to say they will always have a bond for life. Kong and Kim embraced in an emotional hug.

That was an awesome moment for Awesome Kong’s farewell. The appearance was a great surprise for a huge pop as a special moment on Empowerrr. Kong hit her signature moves while supporting her greatest rival in an act of respect. It couldn’t have been done any better.

Awesome Kong retires as a two-time Impact Knockouts Champion, former NWA World Women’s Champion, and a former titleholder in several other promotions. Kong was ranked #1 in the PWI Female 50 for 2008.

What is your favorite memory from Awesome Kong’s career?

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