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Chelsea Green earns NWA 73 title shot by winning Invitational Cup at Empowerrr

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Chelsea Green is a woman around town. She has ventured into ROH, protected her fiancee Matt Cardona in Impact, and now she is gunning for the NWA World Women’s Championship.

Green earned a title shot against reigning champion Kamille tonight (Aug. 29) at NWA 73. All she had to do was outlast nine other women in a gauntlet style match. Oh, did I mention she entered first? That’s certainly a Hot Mess for Green.

The main event at Empowerrr was the NWA Invitational Cup. The format was basically a ten-woman Royal Rumble mixed with a gauntlet match. Entrants arrived every two minutes, and eliminations were by pinfall or submission. The winner’s prize was a title shot at NWA 73.

Green entered as #1. Kiera Hogan flamed in at #2. The rest of the lineup included Bianca Carelli, Thunder Kitty, Jennacide with Taryn Terrell, Lady Frost, Debbie Malenko, Jamie Senegal with Pollo del Mar, Masha Slamovich, and Tootie Lynn.

With five women in the ring, Santino Marella’s daughter was the first elimination. Carelli was pinned by Jennacide via a swinging slam maneuver. The cameras botched the next departure by steadily focusing on Frost during her entrance. Thunder Kitty was pinned by Jennacide, but I don’t know which power move did the trick. That was the only production mishap through a stellar night of action. It’s a shame it occurred during the main event.

The action raged on. The next ouster was Frost via STF by Malenko. Malenko was outsmarted by Hogan for her elimination. Malenko had Green up in a surfboard submission, then Hogan crawled through the hole to lie on top of Malenko for the three count.

Jennacide was recipient of the teamwork treatment. Slamovich connected in a spinning heel kick, Green followed with a curb stomp, then Senegal connected on a handspring wheel kick. All three piled on top for the pin.

Slamovich used a piledriver to eliminate Senegal. Hogan was next to meet her demise. She was on the peak of a Tower of Doom, and Slamovich made the cover. Lynn surprised Slamovich with a powerbomb reversal into a roll-up.

The final two came down to Green and hometown gal Lynn. The crowd was popping for Tootie. Green’s skills shined through to hit the Unprettier for victory. The locker room emptied to celebrate the Empowerrr main event as Green hoisted the cup trophy.

Green enjoyed her triumph, but a chance for even greater glory lies ahead at NWA 73 (full card). Green will compete against Kamille with the NWA World Women’s Championship on the line.

Empowerrr full results:

Skye Blue defeated Christi Jaynes. The Brazilian had momentum in the pre-show match after a neckbreaker over her knee. She took her sweet time on a springboard moonsault, and that was her downfall. Blue rolled away, Jaynes crashed to the mat, then Blue pounced for a schoolgirl roll-up to win.

Executive producer Mickie James. She opened the show with a promo hyping Empowerrr. James had been told that women’s wrestling doesn’t make money. She set out to prove them wrong by finding the best women for the NWA. James aimed to make women wrestlers proud who paved the way with broken bones, broken dreams, and broken hearts all for the sake of this ring. Empowerrr was for every little girl that wants to be a pro wrestler and for those that worked twice as hard to earn half the respect.

Battle of the Brands: Diamante (AEW) defeated Kylie Rae (NWA) and Chik Tormenta (AAA) in a three-way. The coolest spot was Tormenta German suplexing Rae while Rae had Diamante in a fireman’s carry. Diamante used savvy tricks to emerge victorious. Rae trapped Tormenta in a crossface submission. Diamante threw a chain in the ring knowing the referee would retrieve it. Tormenta tapped while the ref’s back was turned. Diamante booted Rae in the face then hit a sunset flip powerbomb to pin Tormenta.

NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament semifinal: Allysin Kay & Marti Belle defeated Sahara 7 & Renee Michelle. (Tournament recap.) A teamwork facebuster slam did the trick.

NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament semifinal: Red Velvet & KiLynn King defeated the Freebabes. King weathered the storm to pin Jazzy Yang on the Kingdom Falls slam finisher.

Awesome Kong retired. (Full details.) Gail Kim’s promo was interrupted by Taryn Terrell. Kong came to the ring to beat up Terrell’s goons. Kong announced her retirement and capped it off with a hug to Kim.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo retained against Melina. (Full details.) Purrazzo worked the knee throughout the contest. In the end, she transitioned from a double armbar into a half crab submission.

NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament final: Allysin Kay & Marti Belle defeated Red Velvet & KiLynn King. The NWA duo rallied with a teamwork AK47 cutter to win the tag titles.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille retained against Leyla Hirsch. (Full details.) The AEW wrestler put up a heck of a fight. Kamille prevailed with a spear.

Empowerrr was a pretty rocking show. The draw was it being an all-women event, however, they achieved their goal of making viewers quickly forget about that aspect to just enjoy entertaining matches up and down the card.

Ronda Rousey gave Empowerrr her stamp of approval.

Executive producer Mickie James was proud that Empowerrr delivered.

Share your thoughts about Empowerrr. Which match stole the show? Who stood out to make you a fan?

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