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CMLL loses another top star to free agency

All is not well with CMLL lately. CMLL parted ways with Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero last month. La Nueva Generación Dinamita were CMLL’s world trios champs at the time. Upon release, they promptly showed up in AAA at Triplemania XXIX. Now, CMLL lost another top star.

Mistico announced his exit from CMLL to become a free agent. It is never easy saying goodbye, but he is looking for new horizons and new rivals.

Mistico is part of the Muñoz wrestling family, which includes father Bestia del Ring and brothers Rush and Dragon Lee. That departure puts a bow on the tenuous relationship between CMLL and the Muñoz family. In September 2019, Rush announced a surprise departure from CMLL. The company responded by firing Dragon Lee that same night. Tensions cooled for Mistico to remain, but his time with CMLL has come to an end. Mistico was one-half of the current world tag champs with Caristico. He was also a former world trios and world welterweight titleholder for CMLL.

Mistico has serious skills. He is a high-flyer of the highest magnitude.

Mistico will have no trouble finding a new home. AAA would likely be the top suitor in Mexico. Another option could be Alberto El Patron’s Nacion Lucha Libre. If Mistico’s working papers are in order for the USA, then joining Rush, Dragon Lee, Bestia Del Ring, and Kenny King as the newest member of Los Ingobernables in ROH would be an obvious fit. Tony Khan should consider luring Mistico into the AEW mix. He would be a quality choice to join Andrade El Idolo’s stable, especially with the Ingobernables connection.

The story doesn’t stop there. Leave it to lucha libre to add a wacky plot twist.

Upon news of Mistico’s departure, CMLL promptly replaced the man under the mask to continue using the character. It sounds sketchy, but it was a pretty smart move by CMLL.

The new Mistico is the former Caristico. Caristico is actually the old Mistico. Original Mistico is better known by WWE fans as original Sin Cara. OG Mistico was a huge star in Mexico before he landed on WWE’s radar and signed with the company in 2011. At the time, CMLL repackaged the character with Muñoz Mistico under the mask. When OG Mistico returned to CMLL, he debuted the Caristico persona. OG Mistico is now taking back the character that he made famous in lucha libre.

To better aid in the explanation, here is a handy-dandy Misticoverse chart.

To sum up, current Mistico (Rush’s brother) is gone from CMLL. Mistico will now be portrayed by the original Mistico (Caristico, original Sin Cara).

Where would you like to see Mistico end up for a home promotion? Which dream matches titillate your senses for Mistico?

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