NXT UK Recap & Review (Aug. 19, 2021): Championship Episode

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We've got a big episode this week as Mustache Mountain faces Pretty Deadly for the Tag Team Championship as well as Stevie Turner facing Meiko Satomura for the Women's Championship! It's pretty jam packed with 4 wrestling matches on this wrestling show (I'm not at all bitter about how many "main events" have been talking segments on the US shows lately).

Quick Programming Note

I'll be vacationing with the wife and children next week and will not be able to cover the episode in good time. I will be back in 2 weeks with the usual recap. That out of the way lets get on to the show!

Stevie Turner versus Meiko Satomura - Women's Championship Match

Right away we start with the 4 Dimensional Turner taking on The Final Boss Meiko Satomura. This is a result of Satomura barging into the women's locker room a few weeks ago and telling the women to step up and challenge her. Turner was the first to make a move. Interestingly Emilia McKenzie accompanied Satomura to the ring and Andy informs us that Satomura has taken McKenzie under her wing.

This was a really good match all around. There wasn't a huge amount of flashy aerials or big power moves but they gave the women a good amount of time to work and put on a darn good wrestling show. It wasn't just a rush to finisher spam.

Satomura had a nice aerial arm drag into a step-over toe hold/leg bar combo but Turner was able to escape. Turner had a fun moment where the referee was bugging her to get back in the ring and Turner says "I'm in! I'm out!" as she immediately goes back out to the apron after breaking the count. Turner tries her rope-assisted flatliner (the obLIVion) but Satomura counters and hits a back flip kick. In the end it is Satomura with a Death Valley driver into a crossface that scores the submission victory! Satomura retains the belt!

This Week's Promos

Heritage Cup #1 Contender's Tournament: Our next match will be Oliver Carter versus Kenny Williams. So we get a video package of the two speaking over highlights of their in-ring work. Carter says that for him it's about representation since he's not the typical European wrestler. He's doing this for everyone like him. For his part Williams is doing his scum of the earth thing saying that Carter has the heart but not the mind to beat him.

Rampage Brown/Joe Coffey III: pretty standard package we've been seeing the last few weeks for this but we do get Sid Scala informing us that this tie breaker match can only be won by KO or submission. This is next week!

Jinny versus Aoife Valkyrie: these two will be facing off in a no-holds-barred match with Joseph Conners locked in a cage at ringside. They continued the chatter about Valkyrie generally just watching from the shadows but both women spoke about how the other wouldn't be able to handle it in the match and how they'll tear the other one apart. I'm really looking forward to this one as the last was a little disappointing because of that stupid git Conners. This one is also next week!

Dragunov versus WALTER 2 promo: this is a good package but I mean come on! If you still need help getting excited for this one then I don't know what else you need.

Saxon Huxley versus Eddie Dennis

This one was a fairly short match but given the wrestlers had some big power moves. Nothing overly spectacular but nothing terrible either. This all came about because Huxley said "better luck next time!" after Symbiosis lost to Mustache Mountain 3 weeks ago.

Huxley lands a big elbow drop from the apron to Dennis who was draped on the barricade. Huxley then hits a couple of crossbodies into the ropes to set up an aerial clothesline from the top turnbuckle. This lets him hit a driver off a firemen's carry for the pin fall victory! Afterwards T-Bone and Primate come out to beat Huxley up.

Isla Dawn versus Dani Luna

This one came about because Isla Dawn was being a general creep behind Subculture last week, Luna took offence to that and here we are. Dawn continues her weird, witchy antics during this one. Luna showcases more of that strength of hers.

Dawn had Luna in a really long submission but Luna was able to fight out and lay the lumber on her. Luna no-release slams Dawn and then deadlifts her up for another slam and a near fall. Dawn goes to the top turnbuckle but Luna counters her and actually pulls out a clump of hair. While Dawn was getting excited about the hair Luna picks her up and hits what looks like a Michinoku driver for a pin fall victory!

Knowing what I know about witches I don't know if I'd be too comfortable if I was Dani Luna. For some insane reason she doesn't beat up Isla Dawn and take her hair back! Come on Dani this is witches 101! I don't think this is over...

Mustache Mountain versus Pretty Deadly - Tag Team Championship

Fairly short but good build up for this one. After Mustache Mountain beat Symbiosis 3 weeks ago this match was made. In particular Pretty Deadly cut a very good heel promo last week that's worth checking out. Just to cement their heel status these two come out with big fake mustaches glued to their faces. Honestly I love both teams so either way one of my favorites will win!

The first highlight that really stood out to me was Pretty Deadly trying to double team Bate. Bate is able to use a drop toe hold on Stoker resulting in Stoker head butting Howley in the groin! Bate later chases Stoker outside the ring but doesn't realize that Howley has tagged in and gets ambushed as a result. He's able to eventually evade both members of Pretty Deadly with some acrobatics to get the hot tag and Seven comes in for a near fall. Later Mustache Mountain manage tandem suplexes on Pretty Deadly with Bate holding his man up for a long time while Seven prepped his. At one point Stoker throws Bate into the corner for a splash but the Big Strong Boy just catches him and tosses him. Howley manages to kick out of the Tyler Driver at one point and Stoker kicks out of The Becoming.

Naturally there are antics at the end of this one and they are fairly convoluted. Stoker does both Bate's and Caesaro's spins on Bate then locks in the half Boston crab. Bate really struggles to try to get to the ropes and Seven is there cheering him on. From behind Seven, Howley tosses in a towel which the referee notices. This distracts the referee as he checks in with Seven to see if he'd thrown in the towel. This lets Howley clock Bate with the belt and Stoker scores the pin fall victory!

This was an amazing match and is definitely worth a watch. Given the antics at the end I wonder if we'll see a rematch sooner rather than later. I personally think that Pretty Deadly should move over to NXT US in the near future so maybe Mustache Mountain will be the ones to end their reign before they move Stateside? There's not too many teams left for Pretty Deadly to beat so unless they start working singles I don't know what's left for them on NXT UK. It'd be really great to see Seven get the Tag Team belt.

Overall: A-

Reminder/introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is an above average show, C+ is average, and anything below that is not good.

Mustache Mountain and Pretty Deadly, despite the shenanigans at the end, was an A+ match. Just thoroughly enjoyable. Meiko Satomura was her usual incredible self and the other three women -- Turner, Dawn, and Luna -- all showed really well in the ring. The Women's division in the UK is really rounding into shape -- almost as good as the US version. The closest thing to a let down was Huxley versus Dennis but even that was an enjoyable mid-card match.

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