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AAA Triplemania XXIX surprises include Incredible Hulk, Los Dinamita, & Brian Cage

The big stories coming out of AAA Triplemania XXIX were Kenny Omega retaining the AAA Megacampeonato against Andrade with Ric Flair by his side, Deonna Purrazzo becoming a double champ, and Psycho Clown standing tall in the mask versus hair main event. The news doesn’t stop there. AAA also brought in a bevy of other surprises throughout the show. The Incredible Hulk broke through a brick wall to save the day, Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero arrived freshly released from CMLL, and Brian Cage pulled double duty.

The Incredible Hulk

The opening match of the evening was a trios contest with a tie-in to AAA’s marketing partnership with Marvel. AAA has been using masked luchadores inspired by comic book characters throughout the past year. They amped it up this time by having the Incredible Hulk smash throw a wall to rescue his compadres from Thanos.

The participants in the trios mixed bout were Team Leyenda Americana consisting of Leyenda Americana, Aracno, & Estrella Cosmica against Team Terror Purpura consisting of Terror Purpura, Venenoide, & Picadura Letal. The wrestlers under the masks were rumored to be Octagon Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, Lady Maravilla, Brian Cage, Taurus, and the new version of Sexy Star.

AAA provided snazzy entrances for each Marvel luchador, including Aracno ziplining to the ring.

The action was what you would expect given the skills of the competitors, but it was a little jerky in the flow. They were trying to work as the Marvel persona while not making it obvious who was under the mask.

In the end, Terror Purpura was wrecking shop. A discus clothesline flattened Estrella Cosmica. A heavy lariat put Leyenda Americana on his back. The match had been a fairly straightforward lucha libre contest up to that point. When Terror Purpura picked up Leyenda Americana for a piledriver, that’s when it got campy.

All of a sudden, music played over the loudspeaker, and the Incredible Hulk smashed through a brick wall on stage. He ran to the ring to clean house on the rudos and stare down Terror Purpura. Hulk’s lucha name was El Furioso and was most likely Murder Clown under the mask.

Leyenda Americana took advantage for a Spanish Fly variation to Venenoide. Aracno followed with a 630 senton for the win. After the match, a new luchador appeared on the big screen wearing a green and yellow cape. My Marvel knowledge is minimal, so I couldn’t identify the intended character.

La Nueva Generacion Dinamita

Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero have arrived in AAA. They were released from CMLL earlier in the week in a mutual agreement exiting as CMLL’s World Trios Champions. La Nueva Generacion Dinamita made a badass impression by crashing the Copa Bardahl celebration party.

The Copa Bardahl was a 12-luchador Royal Rumble style of match. Myzteziz Jr., Carta Brava Jr., Aramis, Tito Santana, Drago, Niño Hamburguesa, Mocho Cota Jr., Mr. Iguana, Pimpinela Escarlata, Villano III Jr., Mamba, and Argenis were the official participants entering at 45-second intervals.

Notable moments include Myzteziz carrying his baby to the ring like Simba from The Lion King, Super Fly and La Parka Negra doing a run-in because they weren’t invited to the match, a super duper airplane spin slam by Aramis, Octagon Jr. joining commentary then brawling with Villano, Pimpinela Escarlata and Mamba continuing their exotico feud, and Argenis beefing with Myzteziz over using his brother’s (Caristico) mask from his run in AAA.

It wouldn’t be lucha libre without self-eliminations. Aramis executed a flying attack to take himself out of the match.

In the final four, Argenis hit a Spanish Fly to Myzteziz down to the floor eliminating both men.

Mr. Iguana and Carta Brava Jr. were the last two remaining. Brava locked in a figure-four, however, Iguana used his stuffed toy Iguana, named La Yesca, to hit Brava in the head and break free. Iguana landed a fancy bulldog for victory in a fan favorite moment.

The real fireworks erupted after the match. Iguana received the celebratory trophy cup, then the big screen started counting down for a surprise appearance. That surprise was Los Dinamita.

Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero beat the crap out of Iguana. Aramis and Octagon tried to make the save, but they met the same fate of an ass-kicking. Los Dinamita cut a promo mocking the clown show in AAA. They are there to show true lucha libre.

Boom! Poder del Norte ran to the ring for a brawl. The brief action was a stalemate until La Empresa arrived to assist Los Dinamita. La Empresa offered their t-shirts to the new stars, and NGD accepted the alliance.

That was a fantastic debut for Los Dinamita. They looked like stars. It had the fire of an old-school wrestling promotion defection from the Monday Night Wars. I felt a jolt of excitement and energy when Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero stepped on stage. There is one match I have been yearning to see for years involving Los Dinamita, and that is against Poder del Norte. I love that AAA wasted no time in giving us a tease of that trios dream match. Their feud should be awesome in the ring.

Brian Cage double duty

The Lucha Bros were back in AAA defending the tag titles. They competed in a three-way against Hijo del Vikingo & Laredo Kid and Taurus with a mystery partner. AAA hyped the surprise as a top-shelf talent when they originally announced the match. The man in question turned out to be Brian Cage. He pulled double duty from the Marvel match, along with Vikingo and Taurus. Liberated from the Thanos mask, Mr. GMSI got his shit in.

The contest was full of athletic, amazing moves, such as Vikingo with a shooting star press off the guardrail onto the floor.

As cool as the action was, my favorite part was the entrance of Vikingo and Laredo. The duo wore matching capes and were accompanied by a parade of vikings. Laredo arrived with the Rey de Reyes sword, while Vikingo handled a pair of axes. Entrances don’t get more badass than that.

As for Cage, he turned up the juice. He caught a flying Vikingo to counter with a suplex. Cage and Taurus took turns on a German suplex train to Laredo. Cage kept on the pressure with power suplexes. The match progressed in a close call for new champs. Laredo had Fenix down after a super headscissors. Vikingo followed for a 630 senton. 1, 2, Taurus broke up the pin.

Cage hit an F5 to Laredo. Taurus climbed the corner for a super gorilla press slam to Vikingo. On the pinfall, Pentagon charged in to step up on the pile and blast Cage with a Mexican Destroyer. Fenix hit a cutter to Taurus. The Lucha Bros focused on the weary Vikingo for a teamwork piledriver. Victory belonged to Fenix and Pentagon as the tag titles remained in their possession.

La Empresa defeated Team AAA

This match didn’t contain any surprise appearances, but it is the lone one yet to be covered. So, let’s hit it.

La Empresa is an invading faction of Puma King, Sam Adonis, and DMT Azul (aka Diamante Azul in CMLL). AAA put together a squad of Pagano, Chessman, and Murder Clown to teach those intruders a lesson. AAA’s decision backfired when Pagano and Chessman came to blows as teammates and bitter rivals.

The no DQ match had cookie sheets, chairs, a stapler, tables, and ladders. In the climax, Pagano set up a ladder in one corner while Chessman set up a table in the opposite corner. The two men unintentionally backed into each other, then emotions ran wild with punches. La Empresa took advantage of the fighting teammates by slamming Pagano into the ladder and dropping Chessman through the table. Puma King picked up the wining pin on Chessman.

Overall, Triplemania XXIX lived up to expectations for AAA’s biggest show of the year. Triplemania is always a wild time, and last night was no different. AAA does a great job blending action, comedy, and surprises while still producing magic in the ring. Even when there are malfunctions or botches, it all fits in as part of the experience.

Who stole the show at Triplemania XXIX? Which match was your favorite? Which surprise excited you most?

Full results for Triplemania XXIX are available here.

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