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Psycho Clown wins mask vs. hair match at AAA Triplemania XXIX

The main event for AAA Triplemania XXIX was mask versus hair between Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion. Despite the treachery of Psycho’s sister turning on him, he managed to persevere en route to victory and earn the prize of Escorpion’s hair.

The feud between Psycho and Escorpion had been brewing for a very long time. The bad blood stemmed from Escorpion winning hair versus hair against Psycho’s dad, Super Porky, in 2013. This chapter of the long rivalry escalated to dangerous levels when Escorpion entered Psycho’s home threatening to stab him in front of his children. The two men engaged in sneak attacks in various public venues over the following weeks. Psycho almost drowned in a pool after one beatdown.

Finally, the time was here for the two luchadores to duke it out front and center in the ring. Psycho was flanked by his sister, Goya Kong. Escorpion had Los Mercenarios by his side. That crew consisted of La Hiedra, Taurus, and El Samoano. The pre-match proceedings honored the memory of Super Porky. Escorpion’s dastardly behavior began early when he kick-started the fight by bashing a Super Porky painting over Psycho’s head.

The match was AAA main event style with brawling all over the area. Los Mercenarios consistently interfered with force to give Escorpion the early advantage. It didn’t take long for foreign objects to be used. Cookie sheets, chairs, trashcans, tables, and light tubes were on tap.

So were beer bottles. When it came time to bleed, that was the weapon of choice. Both men had instances of breaking the bottle over their opponent’s head then jabbing them with the broken bottleneck.

Once the violence settled down, an actual wrestling match took place. Psycho and Escorpion went back and forth exchanging maneuvers. Powerslam by Psycho, kick out by Escorpion. Powerslam by Escorpion, kick out by Psycho. The same for a pair of German suplexes. Psycho picked up momentum for a backcracker, sliced bread, and split-legged moonsault. Escorpion barely reached the ropes in time to break the three count.

Escorpion rallied with a DDT and a super hurricanrana. Psycho roared back with a corkscrew plancha to the outside. Back in the ring, Escorpion planted Psycho with a package piledriver. The next big move was a frog splash by Psycho. He followed up with a Spanish Fly. 1, 2, Los Mercenarios rushed the ring to stomp the referee. In a match of this magnitude, those types of shenanigans are accepted. Nobody wants to win a mask or hair via disqualification.

Psycho fired back to clean house. Goya Kong handed him a hammer as the great equalizer. Before Psycho had a chance to do damage, Goya blasted her brother with a low-blow. Escorpion pounced for a roll-up, but Psycho kicked out. Escorpion accidentally collided with Goya. Psycho turned the tables by low-blowing Escorpion. Psycho went up and over for a Torito pin. 1, 2, 3. Psycho wins!

AAA shows are never run 100% smooth. That was on display in the aftermath when they had trouble cutting Escorpion’s hair with dull scissors and the buzz clippers wouldn’t work. Sharper sheers were eventually retrieved, and Escorpion’s crying daughter received the honor of cutting her papa’s hair. Psycho and Escorpion put each other over on the mic as tough fighters and closed with a gentleman’s handshake.

The main event of Triplemania XXIX was a good time for its style of fight. The aggressiveness matched the tone of the feud’s story. I didn’t like Goya Kong turning on her brother only for Psycho to win less than a minute later. It seemed like an unnecessary swerve that will only serve to make family dinners awkward at Psycho’s house.

Psycho and Escorpion worked hard and put their bodies through pain to make the match a proper spectacle. It didn’t quite reach the epic memories of Blue Demon Jr. using a hammer and cinder block on Dr. Wagner Jr. or Pagano slamming Chessman off a stage through a table in the bed of a pickup truck, but those were tough acts to follow as the previous two Triplemania main events. All in all, the bout was satisfying enough as a cap to a wild show.

Full results for Triplemania XXIX are available here.

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