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Deonna Purrazzo becomes double champ at AAA Triplemania XXIX

Deonna Purrazzo came, she saw, she conquered at AAA Triplemania XXIX. The Impact Knockouts Champion added the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship to her ever-growing list of accomplishments.

Purrazzo arrived in AAA talking a big game, then she backed it up when the it mattered most in title versus title against Faby Apache. Purrazzo also had a little help from friends Lady Maravilla as her cornerwoman and rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes, who just so happens to be a perpetual nemesis of Faby.

Purrazzo had control early thanks to Tirantes purposely turning his back to avoid seeing Maravilla lay in hammering blows to Faby. The AAA champ rallied with a superkick and a bridging suplex. Both women worked escapes from power moves. That allowed Purrazzo to score a takedown and transition for an armbar. Faby rolled over before it was locked in tight to apply an inverted figure-four. Purrazzo was visibly close to tapping. Tirantes saved the day by flagrantly dragging Purrazzo toward the ropes for the break.

Faby kept on the pressure with a DDT. Purrazzo came back with a powerbomb and a German suplex train. Faby had momentum after an Angel’s Wings double underhook facebuster. She climbed the corner for a flying attack, but Tirantes helped Purrazzo off the mat to avoid the maneuver. Faby finally had enough and launched for a flying hurricanrana to the referee.

Faby put Purrazzo down again and went for a cover, however, Tirantes was still down from the hurricanrana. Maravilla entered the ring, so Faby took care of business with a German suplex. Tirantes tried for payback with a clothesline. Faby countered for an arm drag. In the midst of the chaos, Purrazzo capitalized with a Gotch piledriver. The Knockouts champ cinched in the Venus de Milo double armbar. Maravilla dropkicked Shani to prevent interference. Faby was forced to submit. Purrazzo became double champ with Impact and AAA gold.

After the match, Faby and Shani attacked Purrazzo and Maravilla, but it was too little too late. Even though they stood tall in the end, Faby still lost her title to Purrazzo. Faby also teased pummeling Tirantes, however, he escaped before she could lay hands on him.

This match wasn’t the typical Purrazzo performance with focus on always working the arm toward an armbar finish. It was more in the vein of outlandish AAA wackiness. I’ll never understand how Hijo del Tirantes continues to be sanctioned by the Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre as an official referee. Once you get past that peccadillo, his antics become hilarious fun, especially when committed against Faby. Those two have been feuding for years.

Purrazzo’s next challenge will be defending the Knockouts Championship against Melina at the NWA Empowerrr PPV on August 28.

Full results for Triplemania XXIX are available here.

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