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AAA Triplemania XXIX live results: Mask vs. Hair main event & Omega vs. Andrade title match

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The biggest lucha libre event of the year is upon us. AAA’s Triplemania XXIX goes live tonight (Aug. 14, 2021) with Psycho Clown versus Rey Escorpion in mask versus hair for the main event, Kenny Omega defending the Megacampeonato against Andrade, Deonna Purrazzo competing with Faby Apache in title versus title, and the Lucha Bros in tag team championship action.

Check out the Triplemania XXIX preview to get in the groove.

Triplemania festivities begin at 9 pm ET. Unfortunately, the show will not be available worldwide. It will stream through AAA’s Facebook page in Mexico, air on local cable channels, and play in the Cinepolis movie theater chain.

Join us for all the details, including winners, losers, and surprises.

Quick results:

Marvel Lucha Libre: Team Leyenda Americana defeated Team Terror Purpura. I’m 99% sure Brian Cage played the Thanos character, but I can’t be sure with the mask on. You know how tricky it is to tell Clark Kent apart from Superman. Thanos was on a run of domination when Incredible Hulk broke through a brick wall to save the day. Captain America hit Venom with a Spanish Fly followed by a 630 senton from Spider-Man to win. Those characters aren’t the luchador names, but I used them in the quick results to give a sense of who was represented.

Copa Bardahl: Mr. Iguana won. Other participants of the Royal Rumble style match included Myzteziz Jr., Carta Brava Jr., Aramis, Tito Santana (no, not that one), Drago, Niño Hamburguesa, Mocho Cota Jr., Pimpinela Escarlata, Villano III Jr., Mamba, and Argenis. The final four was Iguana, Brava, Myzteziz, and Argenis. Argenis used a Spanish Fly down to the floor to eliminate himself and Myzteziz. Iguana rallied by using his stuffed animal iguana to hit Brava and break free from a figure-four. Iguana pinned Brava via bulldog.

After the trophy celebration, Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero came out on stage as a major surprise. La Nueva Generacion Dinamita were released by CMLL earlier this week. They exited as CMLL world trios champs. Los Dinamita brutally put the boots to Iguana. Aramis and Octagon Jr. tried to make the save, but they failed miserably. Los Dinamita kicked ass and stood tall. On the mic, they laughed at the chump luchadores. They are in AAA to bring order to the clown show and demonstrate true lucha libre. Poder del Norte rushed the ring for fisticuffs. La Empresa faction came in to support Los Dinamita and pummel Poder del Norte. La Empresa offered t-shirts to the newcomers, who accepted the alliance.

Title vs. Title: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Faby Apache to become double champ. Both the Impact Knockouts Championship and the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship were on the line. The match was rife with chicanery from rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes. Faby took matters into her own hands against the crooked official. He tried to clothesline her, so she countered with an arm drag sending him out of the ring. In the commotion, Purrazzo flattened Faby with a Gotch piledriver. Purrazzo cinched in a Venus de Milo double armbar for victory.

AAA Tag Team Championship: Fenix & Pentagon retained against Hijo del Vikingo & Laredo Kid and Taurus & Brian Cage in a three-way. The match was full of crazy moves. The finish came down to Taurus launching Vikingo for a super gorilla press slam off the top turnbuckle. Pentagon used the pin pile as a stepping stool for a Mexican Destroyer to Cage. Fenix took out Taurus with a cutter. The Lucha Bros took advantage of the diminished Vikingo to win via teamwork piledriver.

Konnan approached Andrade about being in his corner for the title match against Kenny Omega. Andrade declined the offer. He has someone more important in mind. An insulted Konnan walked over to Omega’s locker room with a business proposition to ensure victory. Omega was all ears.

Lucha de Empresas: La Empresa defeated Team AAA. Puma King, Sam Adonis, & DMT Azul represented La Empresa. Pagano, Murder Clown, & Chessman represented Team AAA. Pagano and Chessman were setting up a ladder and a table in the ring. When they backed into each other, the two bitter rivals threw punches. La Empresa took advantage to slam Chessman through the table and slam Pagano onto the ladder. Puma pinned Chessman for the win.

Ric Flair!!!

AAA Megacampeonato: Kenny Omega retained against Andrade. Omega had Konnan in his corner. Andrade’s big reveal was Ric Flair. The match went 25 minutes. Chicanery erupted when Omega tried to cheat. A referee bump allowed Flair to get involved. Chops and a punch knocked Omega down to the mat. Andrade and Flair slapped on dual figure-fours to Omega and Konnan. Once the referee was revived, Konnan created a distraction for Omega to clobber Andrade with the title belt. One Winged Angel finished the job with aid of a fast count from crooked referee Hijo del Tirrantes.

Mask vs. Hair: Psycho Clown defeated Rey Escorpion. In the end, Goya Kong turned on her brother to kick Psycho in the nuggets. Escorpion went for the roll-up, but Psycho kicked out. Escorpion accidentally collided with Kong. That allowed Psycho space to kick Escorpion in the jewels. An up-and-over Torito pinfall earned Psycho the win. Escorpion received a haircut as the losing stipulation.

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