NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Aug. 12, 2021): Hopebreaker

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We get an opening round match for the Heritage Cup #1 Contender's Tournament, a match up between Amale and Nina Samuels, and one between Flash Morgan Webster and Wolfgang. Spoiler alert: all these matches were fun!

Flash Morgan Webster versus Wolfgang

We get a recap of Webster slapping Wolfgang last week in reference to what Wolfgang did to Tyler Bate a couple of weeks ago. Continuing this Webster gives Wolfgang another little slap near the start of the match. Webster appears to be trying to get under Wolfgang's skin to cause him to commit errors. It doesn't quite go as planned.

Flash manages a big flying knee to knock Wolfgang out of the ring. Flash then goes for a crossbody over the top rope but Wolfgang catches him and slams Flash's ribs into his knee. This damage to Flash's ribs becomes the main storyline for the match. Wolfgang continues targeting them through out the match with bear hugs and thumb screws into them. There's a funny moment near the end where the referee drifted too close to the action and nearly ate Flash's boot as Wolfgang tossed him. Wake up referee!

Flash gets back onto some offense but his attempt at a chicken wing suplex fails due to his ribs. Wolfgang eventually places Flash on his shoulders in the seated position but Flash counters whatever Wolfgang was planning into this crazy, flipping spin move where both men do a somersault in the air with Flash coming down on top! But in the end Wolfgang is able to get his knees up as Flash goes for an aerial and follows it up with a driving spear for the pin fall victory!

After the match a camera crew catches up to Andrews and Luna backstage to ask them how they feel about Flash losing. However we see Isla Dawn lurking in the background which creeps Luna out. Luna confronts her about it and leaves.

This week's promos

Joe Coffey vs Rampage Brown III: Sid Scala tells us that in 2 weeks we get the finale of this feud and only a knockout or a submission can win it. This one's going to be brutal folks!

Mustache Mountain: earlier this week the camera crew catches up to them at the PC. They are asked about their match with Pretty Deadly. Both men talk about how they're on a winning streak and how the tag team belts would be the NXT UK Grand Slam for Bate. He vows to get Seven his first belt.

Jinny and Conners with Scala: there will be another match with Valkyrie and it will be no DQ and Conners will be locked in a cage ringside! I guess we know why that cage Valkyrie was posing in front of last week was so small!

Video package of WALTER/Dragunov II: Dragunov is talking about the first match and how difficult it is to go in with everything you have and not succeeding. This led to dark days after his loss and WALTER was the nightmare that haunted him. Now he's ready to become W's nightmare. Andy then takes us through a highlight package of what happened on Tuesday at the NXT show.

Eddie Dennis and Symbiosis: After the show last week we see them being interviewed after their loss. Saxon Huxley barges through saying better luck next time which gets a response from the team, Huxley turns out to just be a lunatic so they let him go

Meiko Satomura talks about Turner challenging her for title. She asked the locker room to step up and Turner did. Turner's a good competitor but can't stand up to Satomura and next week she show this to Turner. We get the occasional bit from Turner who says you can't handle when your opponent is as far ahead in their thinking as she is. Meiko will find out next week.

Pretty Deadly: earlier this week they were at the WWE warehouse surrounded by history. They say that they need to clear out the old so that everything can be replaced with Pretty Deadly memorability and their statues. They hold up framed pictures of Mustache Mountain and then drop them on the ground and stomp them with their feet.

Nina Samuels versus Amale

This was actually a really fun match! Both women have really improved with their in-ring work. I think this might have actually been a better match from Amale than the title match she had with Meiko Satomura. We did have to have a winner and in this case it was Amale so it appears Samuels will stay in the mid-card while Amale stays near the main event.

In terms of the story of this match it all goes back to when Amale attacked Samuels to get the aforementioned title shot with Meiko Satomura. Samuels felt cheated by Amale so last week she attacked Amale while the latter was getting hair and makeup done for a photo shoot.

The match started out 50/50 and with a very fast pace. Samuels gets Amale on her knees facing towards the corner then uses the ropes to jump up and deliver a double knee swing into Amale's back. Amale gets a big boot to Samuels' face while Samuels was down in the corner to get back on offense. Samuels eventually recovers and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker with no release then gives another back breaker into a cover combo. However in the end it is Amale hitting the Hopebreaker that gets the pin fall victory!

Heritage Cup #1 Contender's Tournament - Opening Round: Noam Dar versus Mark Andrews

This was a good one and really didn't need the broadcast to pump in "This is Awesome!" chants. Both men are great wrestlers and put on a good match together. The psychology for this one was that early on Dar wouldn't stop looking at and trying to flirt with Dani Luna who was in Andrews's corner and by the end of the match both men were selling damage to their knees.

Rounds 1 and 2 end with no decisions. Not too much goes on in them. Round 3 is where the action really picks up. For starters Teoman and Rohan Raja come out to ringside to observe the match (Teoman is also in the tournament). Andrews gets a double stomp on Dar then hits a suplex that he rolls through to a cover combination. He releases and goes for a standing moonsault but takes too long and Dar is able to recover and reverse it. Andrews later goes for a Pele kick but Dar catches his ankle and applies the lock for the submission. Dar leads 1-0.

Round 4 has some really good action right away but is a really short round. Andrews rolls through an ankle lock to get the roll-up pin. Tied 1-1. About a minute into Round 5 Andrews tries a modified 619 but Dar again catches him by the ankle and goes for the ankle lock. Andrews is able to reverse out and lays out Dar with a massive back elbow. Andrews hits his toss finisher (I couldn't make out what Andy was calling it) but Dar gets out of the way. Finally Dar hits Andrews with a mule kick that opens up his big kick finisher for the decisive pin fall. Dar wins 2-1!

Overall: B+

Reminder/introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is not good.

Just looking at this card I wouldn't have expected as good a show as we got here. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. All three matches were good. Dar and Andrews had a really good Heritage Cup Match and both other matches showed really good in-ring work.

As usual let the rest of us know how you felt about this one in the comments below!

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