NXT UK Recap & Reactions (July 8, 2021): Tyler Bate is a TMNT

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We get the big debut of Blair Davenport, a match between Mark Andrews and Lewis Howley with massive implications, and a main event featuring Trent Seven versus Eddie Dennis. Tyler Bate continues his Eastern mysticism character by pulling out a famous martial arts weapon to help out his Mustache Mountain buddy.

Nathan Frazer versus Kenny Williams

First up we start the show with this match. There wasn't really a whole lot of build up for this one. We got a weird promo from Williams last week where he was comparing himself to cockroaches because they're both scum of the earth and both are survivors.

Early on Williams retreats form the ring in order to recover from Frazer's offense so Frazer does a somersault dive over the top rope and almost jumps right over Williams. Luckily he still connected with his legs sending Williams down. Williams recovers and gets a big chop block on Frazer injuring his knee. Scum of the earth that he is Williams spends the rest of the match targeting the knee. Williams had a fun little move where Frazer was leaning on the ropes near the corner so Williams laid across the turnbuckle and did these cheeky little stomps on Frazer's head.

Frazer gets back on offense and lands a cool missile drop kick where he used his one good leg to both jump and kick. However, in the end it was Williams removing the padding from a turnbuckle attachment and pulling Frazer face first into it that ended the match. The referee didn't notice and Williams was able to get the three count.

Williams continues the win streak he's been on since he beat Amir Jordan. I'm not entirely sure what this means for Frazer as he's been under 500 in terms of win/loss lately. I'm wondering if some of the shine has come off him.

This Week's Promos

We see a recap of Devlin messing up A-Kid's knee at the end of the match last week. We're then informed that A-Kid is still not medically cleared to compete.

Rampage Brown was being interviewed earlier in the day and as he leaves we see Joe Coffey heading into Sid Scala's office so RB joins him. The two talk about how they each have a win over the other. Sid says lets discuss privately and Coffey closes the door.

Next up is a video package of Meiko Satomura and Amale talking about their upcoming Championship match. Satomura says that KLR was a good champion but she had to break her dominance. In regards to her upcoming opponent Amale she says that she has no respect and when asked if she will retain her Championship she says "I don't need this question." Amale talks about how she is here to take her opportunity and how she's been overlooked her whole life. No one takes her seriously and she's not going to sit and wait

We see Jack Starz sitting down near a training ring earlier this week. His coach is telling him to keep it up and work hard. An interviewer asks him how he's doing when Mastiff catches up. Mastiff says that when you get to NXT UK you have to prove yourself and Starz has been doing well. Mastiff then yells at the cameraman and leaves.

Tyler Bate is in front of NXT UK backdrop and talking about Mark Coffey and Wolfgang antagonizing him last week. If they want a match they should just ask him.

Jinny is sitting in a fancy chair with Joseph Conners standing next to her. Jinny says that Aoife Valkyrie is always just watching from a safe distance and she seemed so untouchable during her win streak. That was until Meiko Satomura ended it. Jinny can now sneak into Valkyrie's psyche and expose her as the weak little girl playing dress up that she is. Valkyrie won't survive.

Teoman is back at his fancy dinner table but this time Rohan Raja is with him. Raja thanks Teoman for taking care of him and his family. Teoman says that the two of them take on Oliver and Ashton next week and will win. Raja pledges loyalty to Teoman forever.

The Big News!

We see Sid Scala in front of the NXT UK backdrop and he tells us that in 2 weeks it will be Ilja Dragunov versus WALTER for the Championship! First we get them face-to-face in the ring next week.

Mark Andrews (of Subculture) versus Lewis Howley (of Pretty Deadly)

This match on the other hand had some pretty good build up to it. Several weeks ago Pretty Deadly came out on commentary when Flash Morgan and Dani Luna were facing off against Joseph Conners and Jinny. A couple of weeks ago we saw a backstage segment (actually in a stairwell) where Pretty Deadly were talking down to Subculture. Finally last week Sid Scala arranged this match which is that if Mark Andrews can defeat Lewis Howley then Subculture will get a Championship match against Pretty Deadly.

Baby faces being baby faces, Subculture accompanied Andrews to the ring but then went backstage. Naturally Sam Stoker stayed at ringside to help his partner. The storyline that Andy and Nigel lay out for us is the match up between Howley's size and power versus Andrew's speed and ability to escape.

We get interference early on as Stoker distracts Andrews allowing Howley to throw Andrews into the ring post. Near the end of the match Andrews lands a hurricanrana and goes for the pin but Stoker jumps up on the aprong to distract the referee. This finally gets the rest of Subculture to come running out from backstage and they take out Stoker. Andrews shortly thereafter hits the Fall to Pieces and gets the pin!

So we have Subculture (Andrews and Morgan) versus Pretty Deadly for the Tag Team Championship!

Laura di Matteo versus Blair Davenport

The debut of Blair Davenport on NXT UK after some hype promos the last couple weeks. Not sure this one is looking good for di Matteo.

Davenport ends some early offense from Di Matteo with a boot to the face then a big stomp from the second rope. We get a few hope spots from Di Matteo but in the end it is a couple of big knees that lead to a pin fall victory for Davenport.

Afterwards Davenport takes the microphone and says that NXT UK is supposed to be the best Women's Division in the world. Well all those ladies are on notice because none of them have every seen a wrestler like her.

Trent Seven versus Eddie Dennis

This one has something of a complicated history. Luckily Trent Seven has a picture-in-picture promo as he enters the ring where he reminds us that Dennis nearly ended his career and then Seven nearly ended Dennis's career so this one will be the tie-breaker.

This one is pretty back and forth to start but eventually we get Seven with a really nice chicken wing suplex into a side slam/cover combo. After some more action Dennis is able to lift Seven off the top turnbuckle and gives him back-to-back Splash Mountains, the second of which was into the top turnbuckle, Seven recovers with a snap dragon but Dennis hits a big lariat for a rest break.

The middle of the match devolves into the two men just beating the stuffing out of each other. Seven tries for the Burning Hammer but Dennis escapes and gives him a boot to the face. Towards the end of the match Symbiosis comes out to ringside to support Dennis. Dennis ties for a superplex but Seven counters into a slam and goes for the pin. Dennis manages to get his foot on the rope and Symbiosis pulls him out of the ring to recover. When Dennis gets back in Symbiosis tries to distract the referee to almost let Dennis get the surprise roll up. However it is Seven in the end with a Burning Hammer for the pin fall victory!

Not one to take a loss Symbiosis gets in the ring and destroys Seven as he celebrates. Tyler Bate runs out to save him and Mustache Mountain is able to clear the ring and stand tall. Bate then pulls out some nunchucks and shows off some tricks and Symbiosis stupidly tries to rush in again getting smacked for their effort. I guess that in between Bate fighting Mark Coffey and Wolfgang we'll get to see Mustache Mountain versus Symbiosis. I'm looking forward to all of that!

Overall: A-

Reminder/introduction: A+ is near perfect, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is barely watchable.

Overall I felt this was a pretty good show. Both the Andrews/Howley and Seven/Dennis matches were quite good and neither of other two matches were terrible. We got some good set up for action to come both from the wrestlers featured in this one and from the promos. Looks like the next month or two should be pretty exciting. All three Championship matches look great and I'm also excited for Jinny/Valkyrie.

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