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Tommy End teases new name in vignette that references his WWE past

His wife is back in WWE, but we still don’t know what the future holds for Tommy End (real name Tom Budgen, formerly known as Aleister Black) after the company released him last month. Rumors have said there are those within WWE who would like to bring him back. Other reports say he’s leaning toward going the AEW/New Japan route.

The five minute vignette End dropped on his Instagram today (July 7) doesn’t provide any answers.

It does reference his WWE past, in several ways. End is being kept in a secured facility, and is visited by two psychiatrists - one played by another released talent, Josiah Williams. He and the doctors talk about the five years he’s been locked away, the length of time End was signed to WWE. He’s still selling the damage Buddy Murphy did to his eye, and the head shrink warns End about fighting with other patients, “especially Matthew” (Murphy’s real name is Matthew Adams.

He breaks free after a supernatural visitation/psychotic episode, killing his doctors and telling them his name is “Malakai Blacks”. Then he walks down a hallway in a black suit singing “the devil made me do it”.

Will we see Malakai Blacks on Dynamite soon? Back in NXT?

Is Tommy End a genius who was handcuffed by the WWE system, or someone who needs an editor for his ideas?

Sound off below.

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