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ROH Wrestling: Briscoes’ wild brawl in Fight on the Farm

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The time has come for Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe to find a resolution to their ornery feelings toward each other. They brawled in the Fight on the Farm as the main event of ROH Wrestling episode 511.

The Briscoes have had brotherly turmoil that needs to be settled, so Papa Briscoe suggested a fight on the family farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware.

ROH posted the Fight on the Farm match in full on YouTube. The video begins with a ‘don’t try this at home’ warning, so you know it is going to be wild.

Papa Briscoe opened the barn door for Mark and Jay to fight like men in their home wrestling ring. Let’s do this!

The brothers were tentative to start then fisticuffs exploded. Mark ran for a suicide dive, but Jay bashed him in the head with a dust pan. Mark ducked a shovel swing to stomp Jay. Papa ordered the fight back into the ring.

Mark kept the pressure on then climbed the corner for a moonsault. Jay arose and shoved Mark off the turnbuckles down through a table. Jay brought the fight outdoors using a trashcan lid and metal tub as weapons. Mark low-blowed Jay in response then suplexed his brother through a wooden board.

Both Briscoes climbed a ladder to brawl on top of a motor home. Jay peppered jabs, but Mark ducked to cinch in a sleeper. Mark released the hold and picked up Jay in a fireman’s carry with bad intentions. Jay escaped then tossed Mark off the roof onto a crash pad covered by a tarp.

Jay loaded Mark into the back of a truck and drove to the chicken shit compost pile. When Jay arrived, Mark was missing. Mark let out a howl and clipped Jay with a running elbow. Mark choked Jay with a rope then set him atop a table. Mark climbed a tree to get on top of a roof structure. Mark recreated his childhood craziness by leaping from high above for a flying splash through the table.

Papa helped his sons walk back to the barn to finish the fight. The action resumed with the Briscoes duking it out in the center of the ring. A clothesline from Mark put both men down on the mat in an exhausted state. They finally got the frustration out of their systems. Papa told them it was time to get back together as the baddest tag team on the planet, but first the boys needed to clean up their mess.

Whew wee, the Fight on the Farm was a hoot. I wouldn’t say it is must-see, but it was certainly enjoyable. The match allowed their wacky personalities to shine through. Mark sounded like Speed Buggy’s sputtering whenever he threw punches. If I have to choose who won, I’m picking Mark. He seemed to have the upper hand on all the actual wrestling exchanges. Jay often resorted to using farm objects to get his licks in. All in all, the match was a satisfying payoff for this Briscoe storyline. I’m eager to see them get back in the mix for tag team action. Tag team action!

In addition to the Fight on the Farm, episode 511 of ROH Wrestling also featured a Pure title fight.

ROH Pure Wrestling Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Fred Yehi

After 12 minutes of back and forth stalemate wrestling, Gresham tilted the chessboard in his favor with an arm drag rolling through to a crucifix pin for victory at 12:16.

The recap is brief, but rest assured that it was an interesting match worth checking out if you enjoy Gresham’s Pure style. Gresham always keeps his contests fresh by not following a repetitive format in his matches. You never know how his Pure bouts will unfold in its finish.

Gresham will move on to defend the Pure Championship against Mike Bennett at the Best in the World PPV on July 11.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

Share your thoughts about episode 511 of ROH Wrestling. Did the Briscoes’ Fight on the Farm live up to your expectations? Did you prefer the brother brawl or the Pure stylings of Jonathan Gresham and Fred Yehi?

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