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AAA Verano de Escándalo: Hijo del Vikingo drops from ceiling for crazy hurricanrana

AAA showcased high-flyers by bringing back the Alas de Oro tournament at Verano de Escándalo last night (July 3, 2021). The luchadores showed their golden wings with wild flips, but there was one move that stood out above the rest. Hijo del Vikingo dropping from the ceiling for a hurricanrana demands immediate attention.

No need for match context to enjoy this crazy stunt. Vikingo climbed the corner to jump up and hang on the ceiling scaffold. He shimmied across the structure to drop down and execute a hurricanrana.

Come for the creative hurricanrana and stay for other flashy moves.

The Alas de Oro tournament was a six-way contest with one fall to the finish. Hijo del Vikingo competed against Kamikaze, Komander, Aramis, Latigo, and Toxin. The action was flips galore. Even though it was a little on the sloppy side, the entertainment value was high. Take Komander’s corkscrew shooting star press as evidence of the athleticism on display.

The finish came down to a singles duel between Vikingo and Latigo after Latigo took out the other competitors with a corkscrew moonsault to the outside.

Back in the ring, Latigo attempted a super hurricanrana to Vikingo, but the target landed on his feet. Latigo kept the pressure on with strikes and a fancy backbreaker. Vikingo kicked out to stay alive. Latigo climbed the corner, but Vikingo kicked him in the back. Vikingo squeezed into position to hit a German suplex off the second rope.

Latigo kicked out on the cover. Vikingo attacked with running knees in the corner to setup his inverted 450 splash finisher. Vikingo received the Alas de Oro trophy as the winner.

After the match, Latigo refused to shake Vikingo’s hand. It looks like there will be beef between these two in the future.

Which move from the Alas de Oro bout impressed you most?

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