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Deonna Purrazzo proves her American wrestling is better than lucha libre

Deonna Purrazzo entered the Forbidden Door as Impact Knockouts Champion to travel to Mexico and compete at Verano de Escándalo (July 3, 2021). She came, she saw, and she conquered to win her AAA debut. Purrazzo’s goal was to prove that her American wrestling is better than lucha libre. Mission accomplished, so far.

Purrazzo’s opponent was Lady Shani. The bout kicked off with Shani using wristlock control to take Purrazzo down to the mat and apply submissions. Purrazzo came back with wristlocks and twice pulled Shani’s hair to drop her to the mat. Shani regained wrist control. As Purrazzo kipped up, Shani grabbed the champ’s hair to return the favor. Shani scored a headscissors takedown, and Purrazzo exited the ring to regroup.

The Virtuosa is known for playing chess while her opponents play checkers. She demonstrated that once again. Purrazzo stalled in re-entering the ring. Shani impatiently reached down playing into Purrazzo’s trap. The Virtuosa pulled Shani’s arm down over the ropes. The champ went to work weakening Shani’s arm with the goal of locking in her armbar finisher. Shani rallied with some offense, but Purrazzo came back with a high knee, Russian leg sweep, and secured the armbar.

Shani shifted position to roll over for a pin. That forced Purrazzo to release the hold.

Shani used her technical training for a drop toehold into the ropes. She followed with double running knees to the back then a running boot to the face. Shani wrapped Purrazzo up in a cruceta leglock, but they were too close to the ropes. Purrazzo was able to reach out to break the hold.

Purrazzo went for her other finisher, the Gotch piledriver. Shani countered to trap Purrazzo in an Oklahoma roll around the ring. Purrazzo kicked out but was very dizzy.

Shani worked for a cruceta submission, however, Purrazzo was too tough to wrap up. Once Purrazzo got free, she charged for a pump kick. Purrazzo used an armbreaker to smash Shani’s limb on the mat, then the champ transitioned to an armbar submission. Shani withstood the pain for a little bit, but she tapped out in the end.

After the match, Purrazzo did not release the armbar. Faby Apache ran in to scuffle with Purrazzo. Security pulled them apart. When Faby broke free, Purrazzo retreated from the ring to celebrate her victory.

Purrazzo proved her skills were superior on this evening. She will get another chance to strut her stuff at Triplemania XXIX on August 14. That match will be title versus title against Faby Apache with both the Knockouts Championship and the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship on the line in winner take all.

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