NXT UK Recap & Reactions (July 29, 2021): Moustache Mountain Endures!

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This week we get a marquee match up between Moustache Mountain and Symbiosis, a big showdown between Jinny and Valkyrie, and some big surprises for the Devlin/A-Kid Ironman match!

Jordan Devlin versus Tristan Archer

Tristan Archer didn't get an introduction for this one so we know we have a squash match coming up. Nigel favorably compares Archer to Fabian Eichner. Devlin hit an elevator drop back breaker that looked really neat early in the match. Towards the end of the match Archer is able to hit Devlin with double knees to the face and gets a near fall. However in the end Devlin hits a combination of a headbutt then the Devlin Side to score the pin fall victory! This was a pretty decent little match given it's cold and was the NXT UK equivalent of a squash. Nothing to write home about but fun.

The big news for this one was what happened afterwards. Devlin grabbed a microphone and said that Johnny Saint had called him into his office to say that the Ironman match had been sanctioned. Devlin says he told Saint that this would end A-Kid's career because an Ironman match gives Devlin the time to destroy a person. Suddenly A-Kid's music hits and Devlin taunts him saying "someone help Tiny Tim!"

When A-Kid's face to face with him in the ring Devlin kicks away the crutches and we discover that A-Kid is perfectly fine! Nigel screams "what a ruse! A-Kid is a liar!" as A-Kid attacks Devlin and clears him out of the ring. As Devlin tries to get back in A-Kid takes a swing at him with the crutch.

Later a camera catches up to A-Kid to talk to him about the Ironman match. A-Kid says he's in the best shape of his life and just like he made history by becoming the first ever Heritage Cup champion he'd be the first to ever win an Ironman match on NXT UK. I don't know about everyone else I'm really looking forward to this which we learn is next week!

This week's promos

WALTER: we get him addressing the camera and saying that Ilja is jealous and he will expose Ilja. One thing will never change and that is WALTER being NXT UK champ.

Who's Next? The women are hanging out in the locker room when Satomura comes in and asks who will challenge her. The women all start arguing and fighting over who gets to be the next challenger and Satomura just smiles and walks out.

Joe Coffey: we get a video package about his upcoming tie-breaker match with Rampage Brown. Looking forward to this one!

Mastiff and Starz: this is a continuing storyline but this time we see them training together to be a tag team! After some rope work that Dave ends by shoulder tackling Starz he says that Starz is fast but he's immovable and hat's why they'll be great as a team. Wow I'm actually getting really excited for this!

Aoife Valkyrie versus Jinny (with Joseph Conners)

We got a short video package earlier in the show for this one. The match has been building for a while and given the level of these two competitors it should be a good one. The pace certainly starts off fast with Valkyrie getting a cover very early but Jinny soon gets control of the match thanks to some interference from Conners. Just when Valkyrie was back on offense Conners shakes the ropes while Valkyrie's trying to springboard off them. Valkyrie tries to go for a bridge during a cover attempt and Jinny blocks it by just grabbing a handful of hair.

Jinny makes a big mistake at the end of the match by pissing off Valkyrie with her trash talk. This sends Valkyrie into a fury. Conners tries to distract Valkyrie as she goes to the top rope but Valkyrie's able to avoid Jinny's attack and get a spinning heel kick. However Conners distracts her yet again and Jinny is able to land a rolling Liger kick for the pin fall victory! Both women put on a pretty good match here but given all the interference I wouldn't say this was top notch.

I'm actually pretty surprised that Valkyrie took a loss here. I suppose that they can keep the feud going while Satomura fights some of the other women. I'm still pretty sure that Valkyrie will get her title rematch sometime soon but clearly she's not done with Jinny just yet.

Stevie Turner versus Aleah James

Another cold match here but at least both women get an introduction. It's been a while since we've seen James compete so its nice to see her in the ring again. Both women put on a decent match here but again pretty standard fare. James gets a really nice springboard cross body for a near fall but ultimately Turner hits her version of the obLIVion for the pin fall victory!

Turner keeps her win streak alive and is getting a pretty decent push. I suspect that as we see turnover she'll be moved up to the top of the mid card and eventually the main event. She seems to have the skills for it so we'll see what happens.

Moustache Mountain versus Symbiosis

The main event mostly lives up to its name. Nothing ground breaking here in terms of wrestling but it was an above average match. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of Symbiosis but I was really impressed with them here. Symbiosis actually jumps Moustache Mountain during their intro leading to Bate pulling out his nunchucks to fend them off. Hilariously we can hear Eddie Dennis shrieking at the referee to get them off of him.

For some highlights we get a Tyler Driver in the middle of the match but T-Bone breaks up the pin and drags Primate back to the corner for a tag. At one point Bate and T-Bone were tied up in the ropes and while the referee was distracted by Seven and Primate running in Eddie Dennis takes advantage by throwing Bate into the barricade leading to a near fall for Symbiosis. To finish the match Bate and Seven get a double team for the pin fall victory!

And oh my god as Moustache Mountain is celebrating Pretty Deadly comes out to give them some sarcastic applause. The two teams jaw at each other as Andy and Nigel debate who caught who's attention. Take all my money right now!

Overall: B-

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is an above average show, C+ is average and anything about that is not so good.

This was a second week in a row where the main event saved the show from a lower rating. I was pretty hyped about the Jinny/Valkyrie match after all the build and given how much I like both wrestlers but it was slightly underwhelming. Hopefully there'll a rematch with Conners banned from ringside. The other two matches were passable and I was sports entertained but again the were just average.

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