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Beloved luchador Super Porky/Brazo de Plata has died

Sad news from the world of lucha libre. Más Lucha was the first to report the death of Brazo de Plata, aka Super Porky (real name Jose Luis Alvarado Nieves), on their show last night (July 26). He was 58 years old.

Debuting in the late 1970s, Brazo de Plata (Spanish for “Silver Arm”) initially worked in Mexico and NWA Hollywood as a masked wrestler with his brothers, who wrestled as El Brazo (“The Arm”) and Brazo de Oro (“Golden Arm”). They twice won NWA Tag belts.

In 1988, the trio lost a lucha de apuestas to Los Villanos and were unmasked. They continued to have success throughout their home country, eventually landing in CMLL where Brazo de Plata won the company’s World title in 1993. As he gained weighted over the next decade, he started working more of a comedic style and embraced the nickname Super Porky.

As Super Porky, he was signed by WWE in 2005 for a Juniors division the company briefly tried to push on SmackDown. He was released with the rest of the division a year later, and returned to Mexico where he worked for AAA until 2009. He wrestled in the countries independent scene and occasionally returned to CMLL for the remainder of his career, and life.

A second generation luchador from the Alvarado wrestling family, Super Porky’s five children all followed him into the business. His son Psycho Clown told TV Azteca his father died of a heart attack.

Our thoughts are with all of Brazo de Plata/Super Porky’s family and friends today.

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