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Lucha Libre Roundup: Kenny Omega & Andrade confrontation, former Megacampeon leaves AAA, more!

Welcome to the lucha libre roundup with news from the masked sport.

AAA’s Triplemania XXIX event is fast approaching. The marquee bout for most readers here is Kenny Omega defending the AAA Megacampeonato against Andrade. AAA released footage of a confrontation backstage at AEW. This video comes courtesy of Luchablog.

Andrade was chatting with Konnan when Don Callis and Omega strolled in. Andrade is confident in his ability to win. As was Omega. Things started to get heated when Andrade did not want Hijo del Tirantes reffing the bout. Tirantes is notorious for openly cheating in favor of his preferred wrestler. In this case, that would be Omega. Callis could probably line Tirantes’ pockets with cash rather easily. When Omega tried to big shot his power to secure Tirantes, Konnan took charge to threaten making Omega’s visit to Mexico difficult.

The mask versus hair Triplemania main event feud between Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion is still firing hot. Ever since Escorpion invaded Psycho’s home, there have been multiple attacks on each other in public. The latest occurred during an interview, at a chalet, and at a swimming pool.

Psycho had a bit of revenge by strangling Escorpion with a rope.

Just as Escorpion was ready to unwind for the day, Psycho attacked from behind.

Escorpion got payback by punching Goya Kong into a pool. He also kicked Psycho in the cojones and dumped the masked man in for a dip. Psycho could have drown if not for his sister keeping his head above water.

This story is both intense and hilarious. AAA accomplished its goal of earning my interest. I can’t wait to see when Psycho and Escorpion finally clash in mask versus hair.

At Verano de Escándalo, Deonna Purrazzo made an example out of Lady Shani as preparation for title versus title against Faby Apache at Triplemania. The Knockouts champ is going to give Faby the rub of sharing the ring with the Virtuosa.

In other AAA news, Texano has officially exited the promotion. He is the longest reigning Megacampeon at 735 days. Texano was also a current Trios champ with Los Mercenarios. The luchador joined Alberto El Patron’s Nacion Lucha Libre promotion. Texano felt he reached his ceiling in AAA.

The next big card for NLL is scheduled for August 26 in Mexico City. The advertised main event is Alberto del Rio & LA Park vs. Pentagon & Cinta de Oro vs. Carlito & Texano Jr.

Robles Patrón Promotions

Over in CMLL, the Leyenda de Plata tournament is underway to determine the finalists. Phase 1 was conquered by Templario. He eared wins over Dragon Rojo Jr., Volador Jr., and Mistico. That is a mighty impressive list. Check out the highlights.

The Phase 2 survivor was Titan. His path saw wins over Felino Jr., Fugaz, and Caristico. Titan used Caristico’s patented whirling armbreaker to transition into a bridging pin. That’s quite the insult to use a luchador’s own finisher against him. Check out the highlights.

Templario and Titan will clash in the Leyenda de Plata final on July 30.

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