NXT UK Recap (July 22, 2021): Hot Boy Summer


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We learn what the future holds for Walter/Dragunov II, Pretty Deadly defends their titles against Subculture, and we are graced with a Supernova Sessions.

WALTER/Dragunov 2 update

Sid Scala starts off in the ring stating that due to the altercation last week WALTER can't defend the title this week. Johnny Saint has been in discussions about how to reschedule this so Sid sends us off to a statement from William Regal, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. They announce that since the first match was so big they'll make sure the whole world sees this one by moving it to the United States and having it live on NXT Takeover 36.

I'm not too sure how I feel about this one. The script from this one was fairly dismissive of NXT UK. I more than understand that it is a smaller, less watched promotion but they could have been slightly more tactful about that statement. Just stating that "this is something that needs to happen in front of fans" would have sufficed but given that this will be on Takeover I'm not sure how many fans will be there.

I'm excited for this match and glad for the increased exposure by having it on the main black and gold but this felt bad especially after what happened to Kross on RAW this week.

This Week's Promos

Symbiosis: we get a high tempo, power metal promo with them calling out Mustache Mountain and Eddie Dennis talking about how Trent Sevens always tries to end his career when they wrestle.

Teoman and Rohan Raja: We get these two at Teoman's fancy dinner table. They talk about family, respect and fear, and how family always comes out on top.

Xia Brookeside is still alive: Xia's in front of the NXT UK backdrop about to give an interview when Blair Davenport interrupts and mocks her for not doing much with her 3 years on the brand.

Rampage Brown: A pretty good video package here of Rampage training for his tie breaker match with Joe Coffey interspersed with highlights from those previous matches. I'm looking forward to this one!

Devlin leaving Sid's office: Speaking of matches I'm looking forward to a camera crew catches up to Devlin and asks him about the ironman match with A-Kid. Devlin calls A-Kid the "dumbest man on the planet" for asking for this match.

Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz: Mastiff is in the trainer's room conducting some maintenance when Starz comes in and thanks him for all the encouragement lately. Mastiff says there's more to come from this.

Log Cabin Atop Mustache Mountain: Seven points out that he beat Dennis clean in the center of the ring and it was his monkeys that jumped in afterwards. Mustache Mountain has a log cabin at the top guarded by the biggest, strongest boys. The two teams will meet next week.

Laura Di Matteo versus Nina Samuels

This was a fast one with Samuels looking to get back into title contention while Di Matteo is just looking for a win. Samuels tries for a rollup early on but Di Matteo reverses and gets a 2 count which seems to enrage Samuels. From this point on its all Samuels except for the occasional rollup cover off of reversals for Di Matteo. At the end of the match Di Matteo does manage a hurricanrana/step-up enzuigiri combination but Samuels hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a throw into a knee for the pin fall victory.

This was all about building up Samuels and showing off her improvement on in-ring work. Di Matteo continues to job out to other women which is disappointing since she seems very capable in the ring from the short bits of offense she's been given.

Supernova Sessions with Jinny and Joseph Conners

Dar starts off apologizing for the break because he's been off having a "hot boy summer." Spends most of this segment trying to flirt with Jinny and cutting down Conners. As they all go to sit Jinny is upset that she has to sit on a folding chair and it looks like Dar is clearing space on the couch for her but actually just hands her a pillow to cushion the chair.

Dar tries to claim that he's a fashionista like her but Jinny strongly disagrees. He asks the two of them whether they're a couple to which we get a video package of the two of them living the high life as Conners says his quality of life has improved since working with her. Jinny says it is just that "smart people surround themselves with smart people."

Jinny gets up near the end and cuts a promo about Valkyrie which mostly matches what we've been seeing the past two weeks but I do really like her delivery here. She does a great job despite the recycled material. After Conners and Jinny leave Dar shouts for Jinny to call him but then turns to the camera and asks if anyone has Valkyrie's number.

Tristan Archer versus Joseph Conners (with Jinny)

There was zero build for this one and there isn't really a whole lot to talk about. This was a replacement level lower card match.

The big news was that after Conners won Aoife Valkyrie was lurking in the shadows ringside. Jinny approached her and Valkyrie gave her a raven feather. The two women stared each other down and Jinny tossed the feather aside as Valkyrie's music played. I thought this was a rather weird choice of presentation given the criticisms Jinny's been levelling at Valkyrie but it is what Valkyrie does.

Subculture versus Pretty Deadly for the Tag Team Championship

This was an B+ or A level match to cap off the show. After Dani Luna stops Lewis Howley from running away from Mark Andrews the action gets really crazy. I'm just going to try to cover some highlights here but this is by far the best match of the night and worth a watch.

Subculture gets a cool double suicide dive to take out Pretty Deadly. After a tag Andrews does a springboard over Webster into a sunset flip on Stoker. Pretty Deadly gets into the highlights with Stoker launching Howley into a jawbreaker on Webster. Webster evades Pretty Deadly by scrambling between their legs to tag in Andrews then Andrews does a double bicycle kick on Pretty Deadly. Later Webster tries a flip over the top rope but Pretty Deadly catch him and slam him into the barrier taking him out.

Things happen fast at the end and I don't quite catch it all in my notes but Pretty Deadly get the win after some shenanigans with the belt distract the referee allowing a double team to take out Andrews. Pretty Deadly remain our NXT UK Tag Team Champions!

Overall: B-

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is not good.

This show was really in the C+/C area until that Main Event. Both teams put on one hell of a show that really saved the show. Supernova Sessions was also pretty good but we just had two squash matches that didn't really do much for me.

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