AEW Elevation Ep. 19 Highlights

Hello there fellow Cagesiders! Over the past year or so, AEW Dark and AEW Elevation have become some of my favorite weekly wrestling content. To show my appreciation, as well as focus on some up-and-coming talent I thought I'd share a few of my favorite moments from this weeks AEW Dark Elevation.

If you're looking for a more detailed breakdown of the entire show, Manolo Has Pizzazz has got you covered.

Jungle Boy's Strength

After busting out some impressive finesse moves last week against Lee Johnson, Jungle Boy faced a more submission based specialist this week against Angelico. We're used to seeing moves like the rebound lariat, rope-assisted flipping arm drag, but this week Jungle Boy showed off his improved strength with a superb slam.

This was one of the best matches on this week's Elevation, having a competitive bout is a great way to keep fans tuned in and excited about the future of an up-and-coming star like Jungle Boy.

Luchasaurus Puts Out The Fire

Fuego Del Sol got maybe the biggest pop of the night (listen for yourself, the video below is queued at Fuego's entrance), but unfortunately for him he had to go up against one of AEW's largest competitors in Luchasaurus.

Fuego wouldn't last long against the enforcer of Jurassic Express, as a modified chokeslam knee-strike would end his night. Credit to Fuego for fighting hard before being folded in half.

Red Velvet's New Finisher

Red Velvet has been another success story for the development of AEW's women's division. She's come a long way since filling in for Brandi Rhodes against Shaq and Jade Cargill. She's been using her "Chef's Kiss" single leg dropkick to the side of the head to finish matches and rack up W's on Dark and Elevation as of late. However this week against Julia Hart she introduced a new finishing move (the video below starts right before she hits it).

I always enjoy seeing wrestlers add new wrinkles of offense, sort of like when Big Swole implemented the Clearwater Cloverleaf. This new finisher packs a little more punch than the old one, so I'm happy Red Velvet continues to stir up her offensive repertoire.

Dante Martin's Bounce

AEW has some great high flyers on their roster, but I'm not sure I've seen anybody use the ropes to their advantage as much as Dante Martin. This week Martin showed The Captain Shawn Dean that he's not the only one used to flying through the air.

While it's a shame 1/2 of Top Flight (Darius Martin) has been out with an injury, it's great to see Dante get more experience and put on exciting singles matches.

Hope you enjoyed some highlights from this week's Elevation! Let me know what moments and matches you enjoyed most in the comments!

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