AEW Elevation Ep. 18 Highlights

Hey there fellow Cagesiders! Over the past year or so, AEW Dark and AEW Elevation have become some of my favorite weekly wrestling content. To show my appreciation, as well as focus on some up-and-coming talent I thought I'd share a few of my favorite moments from this weeks AEW Dark Elevation.

If you're looking for a more detailed breakdown of the entire show, Manolo Has Pizzazz has you covered.

Power-House Hobbs' Spinebuster

Anyone who is a regular watcher of AEW's YouTube shows will tell you that Hobbs has one of the absolute (no offense to fellow Team Taz member Ricky Starks) BEST spinebusters in wrestling.

It's nice to see Hobbs win a match with this move, he had been using a variations of an Oklahoma Slam/Stampede (AKA "Town Business") and a Falling Powerslam (Worlds Strongest Slam) to win matches in the past. I especially enjoy how he pops up on one leg to really elevate his opponent. Also shout-out to the camera crew and production teams for showing all those great angles.

KiLynn King Showing Her Aggression

King has been a really nice development project in the AEW Women's division, she started out as a Dark enhancement talent but has steadily improved in multiple ways over the past year and gained a lot of credibility. She showed off her mean streak against the returning Yuka Sakazaki when she hit this modified STO onto the ring apron.

Credit to Yuka as well for making that look absolutely brutal and falling onto the floor the way she did. I bet she wasn't saying YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA after that one.

Everybody Hates Snakes

Serpentico of Chaos Project often takes a beating from his tag-team partner Dr. Luther, who frequently encourages his teammate to sacrifice his body as a weapon. This routine has gotten a bit stale for me, but this week in a 8-man tag with The Acclaimed the snake man took a whole new level of abuse.

After a rough side-slam from Billy, Colten Gunn got the tag and was slammed onto Serpentico. When Luther tried to break up the pin, Colten moved away resulting in Luther dropping an elbow onto his partner's chest. Then Colten slammed Griff Garrison onto Serpentico, who caught another elbow after Max Caster tried to break up that pin. Finally, Pillman Jr. played the role of team weapon and was slammed by his partner onto Serpentico.

Even Paul Wight felt bad for the snakeman. The guy couldn't catch a break and it was a nice variation of the usual Chaos Project antics. Another detail I enjoyed from this match was how Pillman Jr. held onto Luther's head and hooked the leg after his flying clothesline.

Jungle Boy's Tarzan-Like Hurricanrana

Jungle Boy has really had some good matches of late, and his bout with "Big Shotty" Lee Johnson this week was no exception. Some great back and forth action in this match, but the highlight for me HAS to be this moment.

Jungle Boy leaped over the top rope and grabbed on to Johnson's head like Tarzan grabbing onto a vine, and then swung him down onto the floor in one fluid motion. Love to see a competitive match with two up-and-comers for free and easily accessible on YouTube.

Hope you enjoyed some highlights from this week's Elevation! Let me know what moments you enjoyed most in the comments!

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