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Mickie James explains her plans and role with NWA

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Last night (June 8), we found out that Billy Corgan was going to let Mickie James do something the higher-ups at WWE didn’t see the value of... put on an all-women’s wrestling show.

The news of the Aug. 28 show in St. Louis brought a lot of excitement from fans. It also brought a lot of questions. James addressed several of them on the Powerrr Post-Show. Most of what Mickie talked about was big picture stuff, but it does sound like she’ll be taking advantage of the open (forbidden) door policy most non-WWE wrestling companies have these days. She also teases the return of the Women’s Tag titles the NWA deactivated back in 1984.

“It’s a pretty amazing thing. Billy and I have always been friends, we go back a long time, and I wanted to find something that felt right for me. I’ve talked and thought about wrestling here or there and doing all these things. I did that the last time [I was a free agent], I made the rounds and did all the stuff. It’s awesome - and don’t get me wrong, I might still do that, I might still do some of that stuff.

“But I wanted to do something that I really could sink my heart, and sink my teeth in. And this is Billy’s, this is ours, and this is mine. I still am an independent contractor, I’m just building a brand. I’m building a company. This is just something really cool, and something that has been needed for a long time. And I tried to do it, and now I have an opportunity to do that, and build my vision.

“I love the elements of how we [the wrestling business] have grown, and evolved, and all these things. But there is something to be said for the business itself, and the name, the word ‘wrestling’ still belongs in it. That’s the business that I fell in love with. Even with the history of the [NWA] Women’s championship. There’s definitely an opportunity to bring back the Women’s Tag Team championships. There’s so many things that we can do...

“There’s so many open relationships [between wrestling companies], so there’s the potential to do some really, really cool stuff that you’re not gonna see anywhere else. There’s gonna be tons of opportunities to just build women’s wrestling the right way. In 80 years of wrestling on television, we’ve only seen it from a male perspective. We’ve only seen women’s storylines from a male’s perspective. And that’s okay, that’s how we got to here now, but I think that at this time, now, this day and age, there is an immense amount of uber-talented and knowledgeable women who know how to make money in this business, that can really help build the foundation, and really be that core that helps grow women’s wrestling as a whole. It’s all about that end goal...

“This is something that we all want. Everybody wants this. And now to be able to partner up with Billy, who is my friend, and who I trust, and who believes in me, and is actually opening this door to allow me to build it exactly how I want. That’s pretty amazing...”

The Post-Show hosts also asked if James is interested in going after the NWA Women’s title Kamille just won. She doesn’t rule it out, but did confirm she won’t be wrestling on the all-women’s show in August. The 73rd Anniversary PPV the next night might be a different story, though.

“Yeah, obviously. I love a bit of gold... but honestly, and I know people are probably wondering if I’m going to wrestle on my show [on the 28th], and I don’t have any intentions of wrestling on my show, because I’m not in here to go into business for myself and just wrestle all my favorite people on my own show, that doesn’t make sense - and plus how can I run a show if I’m in the ring. But there might perhaps be a chance to do something on the NWA show [on the 29th] with that aspect, so, you know - I don’t know.”

Do Mickie’s comments here have you more excited for her show, or the future of the NWA?