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NWA reportedly worked out a deal with Impact to sign Kylie Rae

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Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance doesn’t have a catchy slogan a la “so-and-so is All Elite” for when they ink a new talent, but it seems they are doing some negotiating through a “Forbidden Door”.

PWInsider reported the NWA worked out an agreement with Impact in order to sign Kylie Rae. Smiley Kylie was under contract to Impact last year, and was booked for a Knockouts title match at Bound For Glory. She missed the show and took a hiatus from wrestling.

The Chicagoan just started taking independent dates again a couple months ago, and worked her first one this weekend for Warrior Wrestling prior to showing up at When Our Shadows Fall yesterday (June 6). Announcer Joe Galli confirmed during tag team win with Taryn Terrell over Thunder Rosa & Melina that Rae is now signed with NWA.

It was then that Insider revealed a deal between Impact and NWA was just worked out in the last four or five days that got Kylie out of her contract with the former, and into a new one with the latter.

No details on what that deal was. We’ll see if any of those come out as Rae continues on with NWA, hopefully with new tools to help avoid the strain working at AEW and Impact placed on her.