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AEW Rankings (June 30, 2021): New #1 and a surprising name in the top 5

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All Elite Wrestling

AEW released their latest rankings (June 30, 2021). Let’s check out the movers and shakers.



After the previously top-ranked Jungle Boy lost to Kenny Omega in a world title match, that means a new #1 is in the saddle. Hangman Page receives the honor to move up from #2. Orange Cassidy rose one spot as well, and Darby Allin popped up two spots. Jungle Boy dropped to fourth. Will Hobbs had been #4, but he bottomed out with a loss to Hangman. Matt Sydal is a new name in the mix at #5.

Sydal is a surprise, but he has earned it. Sydal’s last three wins were Jack Evans and twice over Dante Martin. Those victories were all achieved in June. Something tells me Sydal is on the cusp of being crushed by Miro.

Speaking of the TNT champ, Miro will defend the gold against Brian Pillman Jr. tonight on Dynamite. In other top 5 action, Jungle Boy is scheduled for competition against Evans.

Now that Hangman is #1, it should not be long for a rematch against Omega. This time, the AEW World Championship would be on the line. Since Hangman has yet to accept his destiny of dethroning Omega, I’m starting to believe that he loses the rematch to set up a future third encounter down the line.

AEW can’t delay the title match to build Hangman’s confidence. They already played the swerve card when he lost to Brian Cage. It was interesting when it happened, but I don’t think that same tactic would play well a second time. Hangman losing to Omega would make sense though, since it could have storyline ramifications for Hangman’s future. While the cowboy rebounds with two months of training montages to develop the missing ingredient for another climb up the rankings, seeds have been planted to keep Omega occupied by finishing business with Orange Cassidy and Christian Cage.



No changes for the women.

Tag Team:


No changes for the tag team division. The Young Bucks will participate in a title eliminator against Eddie Kingston & Pentagon tonight on Dynamite. If King & Penta win, then they will earn a shot at the tag titles.

Do you agree with AEW’s rankings this week? If not, what would you change?