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Briscoe brothers to fight each other on family farm

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The Briscoe brothers have had a tumultuous time as of late in ROH. Tensions have boiled over, and they now need to be settled as only the Briscoes can. That would be in a fight on the family farm.

The recent issues between Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe arose when EC3 made a surprise appearance in ROH. He targeted Jay in an effort to learn if honor is real. Meanwhile, Mark was rearing to go capturing tag team gold for the 12th time. The Briscoes had a title shot in their pocket, but Jay was too preoccupied on teaching a lesson to EC3. Mark made the decision to find PCO as a new partner. That did not sit well with Jay. Mark and PCO were unsuccessful in winning the tag titles, so the Briscoes reluctantly reformed with a common desire to be champs.

The next hurdle arose when ROH booked Briscoe versus Briscoe for episode 500 of ROH Wrestling. That match was supposed to take place in 2020, but the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. When they finally had the bout, Mark emerged victorious via count-out.

Brothers being brothers, Mark playfully rubbed in his win. Jay did not appreciate the gloating and led to Jay driving away.

Tag team action? Tag team action! The Briscoes were back together for a match against EC3 & Flip Gordon.

Unfortunately, the Briscoes went down in defeat when Gordon cheated with a foreign object. Jay blamed the loss on Mark despite Mark being hit in the head with a chain. That forced Papa Briscoe to step in with a solution. Old school style Fight on the Farm!

Jay is going to win by whooping ass and knocking Mark out.

On if the fight will actually ease the tension, Jay added, “I wish I could see that far in the future, but I can’t. At this point I’m only seeing red and I see Mark’s head, and I’m gonna put his ass on the wall like a damn mantle, like a deer that I shot out in the woods with 12 damn points on his head like a damn big ass buck. I’m gonna whoop his ass, put him on the wall.”

Mark stated, “Twenty-one years is a long time to be in a partnership with a man like Jay Briscoe, and it’s tiresome. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Dad seems to have a lot of faith and hope that it’s gonna make things better, but we’ll see.”

Fight on the Farm is scheduled to air for the weekend of July 3 on ROH Wrestling. It will take place on the Briscoe family farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware. Check for ROH channel listings in your area. The episode will also be released Monday, July 5 at 7 pm ET on ROH Honor Club (here) and Fite TV.

Which Briscoe are you rolling with to win Fight on the Farm?

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