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Sami Callihan has an opportunity to wrestle Kenny Omega next week on Impact

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Last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling shook up the apple cart. After Don Callis used his EVP power to fire Sami Callihan at Against All Odds, the management board sent a representative to remedy the situation. That person was Tommy Dreamer. He reinstated Callihan and fired Callis. That meant the main event of Slammiversary for July 17 was back on with Kenny Omega defending the Impact World Championship against Callihan. Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling (June 24, 2021) provided more information on Dreamer’s role moving forward and also set up Callihan with the opportunity to wrestle Omega next week.

The show began with Callis getting uppity about security trying to deny him entrance due to no longer being an EVP. Callis sparked up tough talk as the man who booked Jericho versus Omega at the Tokyo Dome, the man who gave birth to AEW, the man who saved Impact, and the man who is a five-time Canadian heavyweight wresting champion. The Invisible Hand will go wherever he wants as manager of the Impact world champ. Omega closed by speaking Italian. “Capisce?”

The next scene of the story revealed Dreamer’s official status as an authority figure. The management board requested Dreamer act as a consultant. Head EVP Scott D’Amore was annoyed at the notion that someone needs to watch over him.

The third scene saw Callis meandering the halls to have a conversation with Dreamer. Callis held no ill will toward Dreamer, but he did propose a match challenge for next week. Callis pitched Omega and the Good Brothers against Team Dreamer.

The final scene for this story presented Dreamer chatting with Sami Callihan about joining Team Dreamer. Callihan was game, since it would allow him to get hands on Omega prior to Slammiversary. Moose walked in to declare he’s in, then Moose exited. Dreamer closed it with a tease wondering if he should tell Moose who the last partner will be.

It sounded like Callis wanted Dreamer to be in the ring, but that didn’t end up being the final plan. The official main event for next week on Impact Wrestling will be Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows versus Sami Callihan, Moose, and Chris Sabin.

Callihan will get the potential opportunity to wrestle Omega, although, it is conceivable that Omega is protected by the Elite and they never lock-up. Unbeknownst to Moose, he will be teaming with his Slammiversary opponent in Sabin. It sounds like a recipe for fireworks.

Does that trios main event entice you enough to tune in to Impact next Thursday at 8 pm ET on AXS? Do you prefer to see Callihan and Omega rumble early or for them to save it for Slammiversary?