NXT UK Recap (June 17, 2021): Clash of the Mid-Card Titans

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This one was a bit of a breather after the big Championship match last week. We didn't really have any of the big names on this one and there was a lot of set up for future matches. Not to tip toe around but this one was a bit of a snooze compared to the last few shows.

Right off the top we get a very well put together highlight package of Meiko Satomura's victory last week and we also got an update to the opening video to reflect the new champion and some character changes over the past few months.

Wolfgang versus Sam Gradwell

Gradwell comes out on the microphone as befits The Motormouth. Since one of Wolfgang's nicknames is Wolfie, Gradwell launches into a bit about the Three Little Pigs. Unfortunately for Wolfie, Gradwell's house is made out of bricks. He then proceeds to call Mark Coffey "Mark Coughdrop" and Wolfgang the "big, bad Yogurt!"

This was a pretty run of the mill match from these two. It ends with Wolfgang on the apron grabbing Gradwell by the head and dropping down to slam Gradwell's neck onto the ropes. Wolfgang gets back into the ring and devastates Gradwell with a spear to get the pinfall victory. GBOT!

Video Package Congratulating Meiko Satomura

We get a video package of interviews with various NXT Women's Division stars congratulating Meiko and reflecting on her amazing career and how amazing it is to have her in the company. We get Raquel Gonzalez, Xia Brookeside, Ember Moon, and Beth Phoenix all expressing their admiration. We also had Amale sandwiched in there saying that it should have been her in the gauntlet match and she should be champion now.

Other Promos

We get a backstage segment with Joe Coffey, Ilja Dragunov, and Rampage Brown sitting at a table discussing their upcoming triple threat match (next week!). All three men claim to be the toughest. Coffey and Brown are confused as to why Dragunov wants to stick his nose in their rivalry when he's going to get beat. Brown brings up that all three had tough upbringings and all three are really tough. Coffey confronts Dragunov about his match with WALTER and says that's nothing compared to being in the ring with him. All three start talking over each other and it ends with Coffey shouting everyone down.

We see the Performance Center earlier this week where Mark Coffey walks up to Sha Samuels while Sha is doing the crossword (I'm noticing a trend here -- just let him finish!). Mark Coughdrop riles Samuels up to provoke him into a one-on-one match. This is all fallout from Wolfgang and Coffey having their pissing contest in Sid Scala's office last week.

We get a recap of what Teoman has been doing to Smith and Carter. Next week we get Oliver Carter versus Teoman.

We again see the Performance Center during the week and Dave Mastiff is being interviewed about his injury. He keeps getting distracted watching Bate and Starz sparring in the ring behind him and admires how good the two are. We wander over there and listen in as Bate offers a Heritage Cup title shot to Starz but Starz declines saying he wants to earn it. The Bomber tells Starz that he's nuts for turning it down because he's more than earned it and shouldn't turn down chances when he gets them. Pretty sage advice there honestly.

Danny Jones versus Kenny Williams

Earlier in the show we get Kenny Williams cutting a promo about his upcoming match. He says we all saw what he did to someone he likes so just imagine what he'll do to someone he doesn't like. The best thing about being everyone thinking you're a scumbag is when you start thinking like one.

There's very little to talk about here. The pace was pretty fast and Jones gets to showcase some of his moves but really this was a middling match between a couple of mid-card cruiserweights. The ending wasn't really in doubt since Williams is getting something of a push and Jones didn't really get talked up all that much.

Supernova Session with Jordan Devlin

This starts up with Dar introducing his new t-shirt which he has hilariously framed and has on a stand in the middle of his set. After introducing Devlin, Dar just sets the frame down on the couch and calls for a lackey to come and remove the stand. Got a chuckle from me.

Dar starts off saying its nice having an actual super star on the show and compliments Devlin on his fashion sense. Most of his guests, as wrestlers, are dressed like slobs and he gives Devlin one of the new t-shirts. Dar then says that he's been trying to get Devlin on the show since the start but Devlin's schedule has just been so busy as befits a super star. Devlin says that they've both landed back here in the UK because the US sucks.

They then briefly discuss Devlin losing "our" cruiserweight belt to "Santa Claus Escoboomb" just because he can run up a ladder faster. Dar gives Devlin the unique opportunity to have a Supernova Sessions exclusive in which Devlin says the locker room was happy because they all thought he was gone to the US but now that he's back everyone's on notice. Dar ends the session with another pitch for his t-shirt.

Later on a camera crew catches up to Devlin outside his locker room and Devlin is beyond tired of dealing with them so he just pushes past them. But when the door opens we see A-Kid helping himself to some coffee and Devlin just loses it. Devlin yells at him to get out but A-Kid just smirks at him and asks him what he's going to do about it. Devlin actually backs down and leaves his own private locker room! Pretty surprising for someone who just put the roster on notice.

Nathan Frazer versus Rohan Raja

This is Raja's first match back since his debut with Teoman where he got hurt. Raja cuts a bit of a promo and says "Time for the King to ascend to the top!" Of course since he's returning against Frazer who's being pushed to the moon he predictably falls to 0-2 in his NXT UK career. This one is another average mid card match but as Fraser's music is playing at the end we see a re-designed version of Teoman's eye appear briefly on the jumbotron.

Subculture (Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster) versus Jinny and Joseph Conners

That brings us to our main event. Earlier in the evening we saw Subculture and Jinny/Conners getting into it verbally backstage before Pretty Deadly interrupts and declares they're looking forward to seeing this match. Sure enough we are treated to Pretty Deadly on commentary!

The men start off this one and set a pretty fast pace with big strikes and aerials. By contrast the women keep a slower pace with actual wrestling. In a bit of foreshadowing, when Dani is first tagged in she marches right up to Conners and faces him down. We get some pretty funny commentary from Pretty Deadly (pun intended) in the early going. First up they would not go shopping with Jinny because they have their own people for that now and don't do that themselves anymore. Secondly they take the piss out of Flash Morgan and Mark Andrews for having the shortest Tag Team Title reign in NXT UK history.

Things get pretty crazy at the end of this one. Luna gets to showcase her strength by just tossing Jinny around the ring but after going for the cover the action starts to devolve. Luna tags in Webster but Jinny decks him. Luna tags back in then suplexes Jinny and attacks Conners. She's able to hoist Conners up into a fireman's carry and then bombs him. Webster tags in and gets a cover on Conners but when Conners kicks out Webster goes staggering into a boot from Jinny. This triggers Luna to walk over to Jinny's corner and chase her around the floor. Jinny slides back into the ring which distracts the referee while Webster and Conners are fighting in the corner. Luna puts down Conners with a slam which allows Webster to land his 450 Splash and get the pin!

Overall: C+

Reminder/introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is average, and anything below that is not good.

This was a pretty average show. While I really like Gradwell his match with Wolfgang was really short and there weren't too many great spots. Most of the rest were just short matches between up and coming mid card wrestlers. The mixed tag match in the main event was appropriately enough the match of the night. I like the gender bend of Flash Morgan being the agile high flyer and Dani Luna being the hoss.

Anyway Cagesiders, let everyone know how you felt about this one in the comments below!

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