WWE NXT UK Recap & Reactions (June 10, 2021): Forever Champion

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This episode was all about the Women’s Championship match. They gave it a whole half a show and boy howdy does it pay off. Hopefully I’m not over selling this but in my opinion this was on par with the Sasha Banks/Bianca Belair match from WrestleMania 37.

First, everything else.


WALTER comes out for the first time since NXT UK Prelude. He points out that he defended the NXT UK Title twice in one week on two different continents. This now makes the NXT UK Championship the most prestigious title in professional wrestling. WALTER’s motivation and mission has not changed -- to respect and restore the honor of this great sport. Then he also calls himself the Forever Champion just like Kay Lee Ray has been doing.

SubCulture cuts a promo discussing how Joseph Conners and Jinny have been mistreating them but that’ll change next week when Flash Morgan and Dani Luna fight those bullies.

Saxon Huxley versus Jordan Devlin

I really like Huxley’s look. He looks like he could be holding the shield wall against some pesky Danes. The outcome of this one wasn’t really in doubt but Huxley does start off tossing Devlin around and just basically overpowering him. The whole first half of the match was dominated by Huxley. Finally Devlin does what the "Irish Ace" is going to do and pokes Huxley in the eyes to turn the tables. This leads to some back and forth offense until Devlin headbutts Huxley in the back of the neck, hurting both men. Devlin uses this to do the Ireland’s Call for the pin fall victory.

Andy Wild and Dan Moloney versus Symbiosis

Pretty Deadly comes out to join Andy and Nigel on commentary and generally do their thing but thankfully don’t interfere. This is basically just a warm up match for Symbiosis since they’ve been off TV for about a month so the conclusion wasn’t really in doubt. Andy Wild and Dan Moloney did a good job making Symbiosis look good here and this is a decently entertaining tag match.

More promos

Technically this one happened before the tag match but we see Mark Coffey and Wolfgang in Sid Scala’s office arguing about who’s the better wrestler. Sid says he’ll give them a chance to prove that in singles matches when Gradwell barges into the office. The Motormouth does what he does and then leaves and Wolfgang is the first to call dibs on a match. So next week we get Wolfgang versus Gradwell.

After the tag match we see Teoman sitting at a fancy dinner table with some ominous orchestral strings playing in the background. He warns Oliver Carter to stay out of his business or else he’ll put both Oliver and Ashton in the hospital. He then goes into a mildly confusing bit about how Ashton isn’t family so Oliver wouldn’t visit. Honestly I didn’t quite get it.

Meiko Satomura versus Kay Lee Ray

On to the main event: the Forever Champion versus the Final Boss! Andy and Nigel make sure to remind us that Kay Lee Ray has been Champion for 649 days as of this evening. We get a lot of striking to start this one and KLR goes for the Gory Bomb really early hoping to put Satomura away quickly but it doesn’t work.

KLR leaves the ring and pounds the barrier in frustration. Satomura follows her out and gives her a series of kicks and tosses her back in by a count of five. But as Satomura is climbing back into the ring KLR superkicks her, knocking her back to the floor. KLR rolls Satomura into the ring for a near fall then transitions into a headlock but Satomura is able to fight her way back to her feet. KLR begins a more sustained period of offence culminating in her putting Satomura in the koji clutch. Satomura counters that into an STF in the middle of the ring but KLR struggles her way to the ropes to break the submission. KLR escapes to the floor and lands an interesting looking springboard knee drop from the second rope as she was coming back in. She then puts Satomura in a crucifix armbar but Satomura escapes for a rest break.

After the wrestlers recover Satomura tries a springboard from the corner but KLR catches her with a punch to the face. She tries for the Gory Bomb again but Satomura counters and picks her up for the Death Valley Bomb but KLR counters that into a roll up. KLR goes for a slam after the cover but Satomura counters that into a big DDT. After a bit of a recovery KLR gets back on offense and uses Satomura’s Death Valley Bomb! Shortly after Satomura boots KLR in the face as she comes in for a pin and then hits KLR with a Gory Bomb! After this both wrestlers exchange superkicks but Satomura comes out of it smiling and laughing at KLR. Or as Nigel says she’s channeling "that Bushido spirit." Satomura puts down KLR and lands a cartwheel leg drop across the back of her neck for a near fall.

After some more back and forth KLR hits a Tornado DDT but Satomura kicks out. Satomura is powering up but walks right into a pair of superkicks. The Final Boss gets back on her knees and takes another superkick but as KLR tries for the cover Satomura counters into a suplex that she combos with a Death Valley Bomb. KLR is able to kick out and after recovering she hits yet another superkick, then a Gory Bomb, then for good measure a senton bomb from the top rope but Satomura kicks out!

After this KLR goes and gets her belt and tries to leave the match. The referee gets in her face, slowing her down enough for Satomura to get out to the ramp and confront her. KLR tries to swing the belt at Satomura but Satomura ducks and hits another Death Valley Bomb onto the floor! KLR is rolled back in the ring but she immediately rolls out again. Satomura chases her but it was a trap and KLR is able to Gory Bomb Satomura face first into the apron! She then throws Satomura back into the ring but Satomura kicks out of the pin. Satomura is the first one back up to her feet and goes to the top rope for a maneuver. KLR intercepts her and they counter back and forth resulting in Satomura hitting a Sunset Bomb! Satomura gets a series of sleeper holds but KLR eventually struggles to the ropes. Satomura lands a Pele kick as KLR tries to recover and then goes for the pin. KLR counters into a headscissors which Satomura escapes by trying to pin her. Satomura then hits a Scorpio Rising and pins Kay Lee Ray for the pinfall victory!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen The Final Boss Meiko Satomura has defeated the Forever Champion to become the new NXT UK Women's Champion! My goodness this was an amazing match.

Quick reminder/introduction: A+ is a nearly perfect show, B+ is a really good show, C+ is enjoyable but pretty average, and anything lower is not good.

After two weeks of no Women’s division matches we get about half a show with Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura putting on a match of the year contender for the Championship. This episode is an A+ purely because of this match. This was seriously good and go watch it now if you haven’t.

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