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Dario Cueto returns to professional wrestling in MLW

Eeek! Dario Cueto! MLW! Together!

MLW has been giving heavy teases that Lucha Underground’s beloved proprietor was conducting business in the shadows. On MLW’s season finale of Fusion, they paid off with a spectacular surprise. The man himself is back. No tricks, no shenanigans, no switcheroos. The Dario Cueto you know and love was featured in the closing scene.

It wasn’t just Dario in a chair. He oozed all his razzamatazz in the full scene.

The story set up Salina de la Renta experiencing financial difficulties, so she sold Promociones Dorado to a mystery organization known as Azteca Underground. This new owner allowed Salina to use his roster of hard men, including Mil Muertes, LA Park, Hijo de LA Park, and LA Park Jr. The goal was gold and violence.

Things looked promising with Los Parks winning the MLW tag titles. Mil Muertes stole the MLW National Openweight Championship from Alexander Hammerstone to have in his possession. As quickly as success came, it just as quickly began to crumble. Salina was making power moves without the owner’s consent. Hammerstone defeated Muertes in a rugged hoss fight. Hijo de LA Park lost a singles bout to Bu Ku Dao. Enough was enough, and Salina was kidnapped by the owner’s goons.

At the end of episode 131 of Fusion, Salina’s moment of reckoning was here. It kicks in at the 56:06 mark.

It began with the familiar drone shot of Boyle Heights. Salina was ushered into an office for the reveal off Dario Cueto. He explained that she failed the Believers. In exchange for using his luchadores, he wanted gold and violence in return. That’s alright though. Dario is building a new Temple and is in need of sacrifices. The phone rang for Dario to confirm that he will be appearing for MLW’s season debut on July 10.

That was so freaking awesome. I could watch that scene over and over again all night long. As a lover of Lucha Underground, it pumps me up in the same way as the LU season trailer releases. This is going to be good.

How hard did you pop for Dario Cueto back on screen? Will you be tuning in to MLW to see Dario’s story?

MLW Fusion posts on YouTube Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET, streams on Fubo Sports Network Friday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can check out MLW on DAZN, Roku, and Pluto as well. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries. MLW also has a new TV deal with Vice.

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