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MLW Roundup: Hammerstone conquered Mil Muertes, Salina kidnapped, Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed tonight

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MLW’s season finale of Fusion is upon us with the rematch of Lio Rush versus Myron Reed for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. There might also be a huge surprise revealed for Lucha Underground fans. Let’s run down all the news and action.

We’ll start with a quick catch-up of MLW activity on Fusion since Never Say Never.

Fusion episode 128 (here) featured three title fights. Richard Holliday retained the Caribbean Championship against Gino Medina via 2008 twisting suplex after Medina collided with an exposed turnbuckle. Los Parks retained the tag titles over the Dirty Blondes when LA Park Jr. used a double low blow so LA Park and Hijo de LA Park could score a double roll-up. The main event saw Alexander Hammerstone regain the gold he never lost. Hammerman conquered Mil Muertes, who had stolen the MLW National Openweight Championship. Nightmare Pendulum was the winning maneuver in this rugged hoss fight. The physical battle left a smile on my face the entire time.

In other stories, it was supposed to be a big night for Salina de la Renta winning belts for Azteca Underground even though she was operating without approval from El Jefe. When Mil lost, Salina stormed off. Kevin Von Erich sent Ross to Japan to train with Great Muta. Marshall injured his knee and couldn’t go. I hope Ross learns the mist technique from Muta. Mads Krugger still plans to hunt Hammerstone.

Fusion episode 129 (here) was headlined by teach versus student. Gino Medina’s losing streak continued by falling in defeat to Rocky Romero via suplex transition to armbar. King Mo quickly dispatched of Robert Martyr via guillotine choke. Bu Ku Dao shocked the world by defeating his mentor, TJP, via flying flatliner.

In other stories, Hammerstone challenged Jacob Fatu. Also, Holliday unveiled his Hammerdick marketing strategy.

LA Park wasn’t on board with Salina going against El Jefe. She will regret failing El Jefe again. Later, Salina received a call from El Jefe offering one more opportunity. Tom Lawlor challenged Marshall Von Erich to a match. Challenge accepted, despite Marshall’s knee injury. King Mo wants another round with Low Ki. Court Bauer spoke about MLW’s new deal to air on Vice TV and MLW’s future schedule. They will be taking a break to return on July 10 in Philadelphia. Josef Samael had a message for MLW. The backdoor has been left open for Contra to take over again. There will be a massacre in Philly on July 10.

Fusion episode 130 (here) had a grudge match main event. Ross Von Erich kicked the night off to a bright start with a victory over Dominic Garrini via modified Falcon Arrow. Bu Ku Dao’s momentum carried on to another win. This time it was over Hijo de LA Park via flying flatliner. Tom Lawlor tried to weasel out of his match with Marshall Von Erich by hiring former NBA referee Tim Donaghy to administer a drug test on Marshall. The results were clean, but Lawlor was filthy after Marshall threw his urine in Lawlor’s face.

For the grudge match, Lawlor focused on Marshall’s injure knee and even used a wrench to clobber the joint. Marshall ended up succumbing to the pain of a single-leg crab and passed out. Team Filthy stomped the Von Erichs after the bell, so ACH ran in for the save as everyone brawled.

In other stories, Lio Rush was fined after no-showing a press conference. Salina was kidnapped as consequences of Hijo de LA Park losing.

Hammerstone is a man of the people, and they want him to face Fatu. Samael informed us that he reworked Fatu’s contract when Contra took over MLW’s office. Samael now has full control over Fatu’s challengers. He scoffed at the idea that Hammerstone will get his wish to compete against Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

That leads us into tonight’s season finale of Fusion. Myron Reed will finally get his title rematch against Lio Rush. The champ originally won the middleweight belt off Reed in January. Reed felt he needed to take care of his business with Contra before focusing on regaining gold. Now, the time is here for The Man of the Hour against the Young GOAT, part II.

The show will also feature Richard Holliday in action defending his Caribbean Championship. No opponent has been revealed yet, but I kind of hope we get this match.

Laredo Kid versus Gringo Loco rounds out the card. This is an interesting bout since Rush defeated Laredo for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship in MLW to become double champ, but AAA does not acknowledge it.

The biggest carrot for the show is the possibility of El Jefe’s identity being revealed.

Here’s to hoping Dario Cueto returns to professional wrestling.

If you aren’t sold yet on watching Fusion, put your trust in MLW producer Alex Greenfield.

MLW Fusion posts on YouTube Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET, streams on Fubo Sports Network Friday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW on DAZN, Roku, and Pluto. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

We’ll wrap up with some quick hits of news and goodies. MLW’s next season kicks off July 10. As for programming with Vice in the meantime, Bauer shared the plan.

The comeback show in Philly will have fans. COVID protocols will be in place. Get tickets here if any are still available.

MLW is also forming a championship committee to assist with booking title bouts for the new season. It was been announced that DragonGate’s Mr. Toru Kido and Revolution Pro’s Andy Quildan have a seat at the table.

It is interesting to note MLW’s role in the Forbidden Door. They have openly mentioned on Fusion and in the written word that Tom Lawlor won the New Japan Strong Openweight Championship. It will be cool to see what MLW has in store with talent sharing for the new season and beyond.

Holliday had a parting shot for Medina after his successful Caribbean Championship defense.

The final piece of news is Salina escaping her kidnapping in what may be an alternate timeline. She posted footage on her Twitter account.

It turns out a double cross was in the mix with Azteca Underground’s security. Cristobal Culebra was the man watching ringside during Salina’s managerial matches.

After seeing that helicopter twist, how can anyone not love the wacky world of professional wrestling.

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