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Stephen Amell’s Heels gets a trailer & release date

No sign of CM Punk’s dastardly Ricky Rabies, but we do have a teaser trailer and a premiere date for Starz’s Heels.

Stephen Amell has taken the love of wrestling that led him to work SummerSlam & ALL IN and channeled it into this scripted drama. For his first acting gig since ending an eight year run as the lead on The CW’s Arrow, Amell plays Jack Spade - one of two Spade brothers restarting and fighting over their father’s promotion in small town Georgia.

Part of the drama looks to be that while Jack is the bad guy in the ring, he’s the good guy in real life. Vikings’ Alexander Ludwig plays Ace Spade, who’s a babyface to the fans but a bit of ne’er-do-well behind the scenes.

Not a whole lot more to go on, but I can tell you I’m pumped to see whatever Chris Bauer (who’s done a ton of good work in a lot of shows and movies, but who most know as The Wire’s Frank Sobotka) is doing as ex-wrestler turned talent scout Wild Bill Hancock. Jake The Snake meets Dutch Mantell? I don’t know, but sign me up.

We won’t have to wait too much longer to learn more. Starz announced the series will premiere on August 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

You gonna check out Heels?

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