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MLW signs the Suplex Assassin

Round 2 of MLW’s open draft gimmick revealed a new signing. It wasn’t on the level of last week’s announcement of Davey Richards, but the newcomer has a very cool nickname that should garner curiosity.

Introducing “Suplex Assassin” Alex Kane.

Kane stands at 5’11”, 240 pounds and hails from Atlanta, GA. The Suplex Assassin utilizes a shoot wrestling style. His finisher is the southern lights suplex. Kane will join American Top Team under Dan Lambert’s tutelage. MLW’s profile sheds light on his suplex prowess:

With 100+ suplexes in his arsenal, Alex Kane traps and tosses adversaries with ease and dominance before crushing their spines and necks into the canvas.


Snapping opponents with a variety of capture suplexes, wrestlers also have to be careful as Kane can quickly execute the crash-landing release suplex, a dozen versions of the gutwrench suplex, German Suplex, exploder suplex, overhead and side belly to belly, the Angle slam, and the dragon suplex. And that’s just the beginning of an endless arsenal at his disposal.

The Suplex Assassin nickname certainly has me intrigued. You can’t be any chump off the street claiming that moniker unless you have the skill to back it up. Kane’s amateur wrestling experience should mesh well with MLW’s combat sports vibe.

MLW deserves the benefit of the doubt when bringing in younger talent. Their last rookie sensation was Calvin Tankman. He rocketed up the charts to challenge Jacob Fatu for the MLW Heavyweight Championship. Time will tell if Kane can experience a similar rise.

Kane was interviewed by Alicia Atout on the MLW 2021 Open Draft: Round 2 broadcast.

Kane was trained by AR Fox. He debuted after six months of training. Kane is looking forward to challenging Alexander Hammerstone. The Suplex Assassian believes in going after the biggest dog in the house.

Atout also confirmed the return of Gringo Loco, King Mo, and Tom Lawlor when MLW returns to action on July 10 in Philadelphia. Those names will join Davey Richards, Marshall Von Erich, Ross Von Erich, Gino Medina, King Muertes, and Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) at the show.

If you need fresh MLW merch, now is the time to take advantage of a sale at the MLW shop.

Are you excited for the addition of Alex Kane to MLW? Who would you like to see him wrestle in his debut match?

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