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AAA Rey de Reyes results: Invasion angle with CMLL champion, new Sexy Star, and other surprises

AAA promised surprises at their Rey de Reyes event last night (May 1, 2021), and they delivered. The shocks were aplenty as a mystery faction invaded the main event with a CMLL champion in their midst, the Sexy Star character featured a new wrestler under the mask, and title challenges were issued from Deonna Purrazzo and Andrade.

The main event saw no DQ action between Psycho Clown & Pagano and Chessman & a surprise luchador. The mystery man turned out to be Sam Adonis. Some may know Adonis as the brother of Corey Graves, but it is also likely that recognition of his name comes from his pro-Trump rooting tooting American gimmick in CMLL and other indie promotions. Adonis last wrestled for CMLL in 2018.

The match progressed with wacky violence, as these types of fights tend to do in AAA.

All of a sudden, a group of double-masked (masks over their luchador masks) hooligans hit the ring. They powerbombed Pagano into a shopping cart.

Adonis blasted his own partner, Chessman, as the match ended in a no contest. The vandals were revealed to be Puma King and Diamante Azul. Their new crew is La Empresa.

That’s certainly an interesting turn of events. An invading group of luchadores is standard protocol for AAA, but this pairing has ties with CMLL to give legitimacy to the illusion. Diamante is the current Mexican National Heavyweight Champion in CMLL, for crying out loud. CMLL’s forthcoming reaction will be very interesting.

After the main event, the show closed with Andrade announcing his intention to arrive in AAA. He has his eyes on a match with Psycho Clown, but first Andrade issued a challenge to Kenny Omega for the AAA Megacampeonato at Triplemania.

The titular match of the Rey de Reyes event was of course the Rey de Reyes tournament. This years’ lineup included Laredo Kid, Texano Jr., Murder Clown, Aerostar, Drago, Abismo Negro Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, and Myzteziz. It was contested under Royal Rumble rules.

The order of entrance was Laredo and Vikingo to start, followed by Myzteziz, Abismo, Texano, Murder, Drago, and Aerostar. The order of elimination was Myzteziz via Laredo, Aerostar via Murder, Drago via Murder, Vikingo via Texano, Abismo via Laredo, and Murder via Texano. The final two were Laredo and Texano with the winner being determined in a mini match.

Rey Escorpion ran in to interfere on behalf of Texano, but it backfired and led to Laredo winning on a Spanish Fly variation. As tradition dictates, Laredo was awarded with a huge sword.

Since Taya Valkyrie signed with WWE as Franky Monet, that meant the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship was vacant. Faby Apache, Lady Shani, Lady Flammer, Chik Tormenta, Maravilla, and a surprise luchadora competed for the gold. The surprise was a new Sexy Star.

The former Hija de Gatubela was given the mask to continue the Sexy Star character.

The match was elimination style. Flammer was first out at the hands of Tormenta. Maravilla was next to hit the bricks thanks to Sexy Star. Lady Shani sent Sexy Star to the showers. Shani was then ousted by Tormenta. Faby emerged victorious via superplex to Tormenta to begin her fourth reign as Reina de Reinas Champion.

Afterward, Deonna Purrazzo came to the ring to challenge Faby in Impact title versus AAA title for Triplemania. Challenge accepted.

With Daga vacating the AAA Latin American Championship, a three-way was booked to determine a new champion. Taurus and Octagon Jr. were joined by a surprise luchador. That man would be Villano III Jr., who had previously exited AAA as AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champion. Taurus was victorious via vicious piledriver on Villano.

In the opener, Latigo defeated Dinastia, Toxin, Aramis, and Arez in a five-way. The winning bonus was a title shot at Laredo Kid and the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship. If you watch MLW, then you will know that Lio Rush is technically the champ after beating Laredo, but AAA is going to AAA. For the finish, Latigo pinned Aramis off a lariat.

After the match, Laredo came to the ring to congratulate Latigo and put over his talent. Laredo offered a handshake out of sportsmanship. Latigo did the fake out and turned his back on the champ. This moment definitely needed fans to boo Latigo.

We’ll close with this GIF of Hugo Savinovich rocking out on air guitar.

Which surprise was your favorite at Rey de Reyes? Are you pleased with the new title winners? Does AAA’s new faction increase your curiosity of the product?

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