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Deonna Purrazzo issues title vs. title challenge at AAA Rey de Reyes

AAA likes popping headlines with big surprises at their marquee events. Rey de Reyes was no different. This time, an Impact champion showed up to issue a title versus title challenge.

Knock, knock, knock. Deonna Purrazzo was at the Forbidden Door. The Impact Knockouts Champion made a surprise appearance on commentary alongside Hugo Savinovich and Jose Manuel Guillen.

After Faby Apache was victorious in a six-way match to win the vacant AAA Reina de Reinas Championship, Purrazzo entered the ring with the microphone in hand. As a friend of Konnan (all foreigners align with Konnan for instant heel heat in Mexico), he offered her the opportunity to step up and challenge the new women’s champ.

Faby was not interested in Fiona Payaso’s agenda. She viewed Purrazzo as a clown. Faby doesn’t want anything to do with friends of Konnan. As Faby turned to exit the ring, Purrazzo reasserted herself to demand respect. Purrazzo proposed a title versus title match at Triplemania. Faby will fight whoever. Challenge accepted.

No date for Triplemania has been announced yet, but the show usually takes place in August. As with all grand plans far into the future for AAA, this match may or may not actually come to fruition. If it does though, it should be a dandy. Faby Apache is a quality wrestler that can rise to the level of the Virtuosa.

Unlike when Kenny Omega predictably defeated Rich Swann in the AEW world title versus Impact world title, this matchup could realistically go either way. I’d lean with Purrazzo as the favorite, but it would not be shocking to see Faby emerge with both belts. AAA and Impact have partnered together in the past, so Faby with the Knockouts Championship is workable. It would also be an amusing step in the Impact Forbidden Door story if they lost all their championships to outside talent. AEW’s Omega is the current Impact World Champion, and NJPW’s FinJuice are the current Impact World Tag Team Champions. AAA also has no problem handing their titles to outsiders. Omega has held the AAA Megacampeonato for 561 days and counting.

Does Deonna Purrazzo versus Faby Apache in title versus title move the needle for you? Who are you picking to win?

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