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Don’t you think the Dirty Dawgz look tired?

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Ziggler and Roode have held the titles for four months and only defended them twice, can the father/son Mysterios knock them off at Backlash?

Don’t you think the Dirty Dawgz look tired?

They’ve been SmackDown Tag Team Champions for over 126 days as I write this, surpassing the Usos’ first reign to hold the third longest reign in that title’s relatively short history.

In that time, they’ve defended the titles... twice, a four-way at WrestleMania SmackDown, and a followup two-on-two defense the next week against the Street Profits.

By comparison, in the longest reign with the titles, at 182 days, the Usos defended the titles six times, and the Bludgeon Brothers 135-day number two reign also featured six defenses.

So even if the Dawgz were the hottest act in the land, their title reign so far fall short. But they are far from it.

Something is rotten in the state of Dawgmark, my friends

But okay, the SmackDown tag division has been a bit of a mess lately with no obvious contenders outside of the Street Profits, who lost their two-on-two title shot clean to a Zig Zag, seemingly closing the door to further shots.

The Usos are caught up in Roman Reigns’ business. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura have stopped teaming while the former challenges Reigns and the latter gets weird with Baron Corbin’s crown. Corbin’s own occasional team with Sami Zayn has gone nowhere. Seth Rollins doesn’t seem likely to reform his team with Buddy Murphy anytime soon.

Which leaves us with just Alpha Academy and the Mysterios, and as good a job as Chad Gable has done whipping Otis into fighting shape, it seemed obvious that the father/son pairing of Rey and Dominik would be the ones gunning for the titles once the Profits fell and here we are.

Father to son

And why not?

Rey Mysterio is one of the best candidates you can name for greatest of all time. He’s almost certainly the greatest luchador of all time, and few men are his equal in the ring, whether in terms of peak technical ability, longevity, or overall achievements.

His son Dominik, while clearly still a bit green and not as good as fast as his old man was (for real, look up some of Rey’s stuff in Mexico before he broke out in the states if you have not, he was already fully-formed and incredible, and sometimes wacky stuff happens and lucha X-Men do a run-in to end a match because it’s Tijuana), is a chip off the old block.

Call me sentimental, because I am, but I’m absolutely pulling for them to take the titles off the Dawgz tomorrow at WrestleMania Backlash: The Backlash to WrestleMania.

Will the Dirty Dawgz retain the tag titles or can the Mysterios make SmackDown history as father and son?


Who will win?

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