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Wrestling world mourns the death of New Jack

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On the evening of Fri., May 14, we learned that Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young had died. The controversial wrestling legend was 58 year old.

Most knew him from his ECW run, which included the “Mass Transit Incident” documented by Dark Side of the Ring, where New Jack bladed 17 year old newcomer Eric “Mass Transit” Kulas at a house show, resulting in Kulas’s hospitalization, and aggravated assault charges against New Jack he was acquitted of. But New Jack continued wrestling in TNA, CZW, and throughout the independent circuit almost non-stop from the close of ECW through his death.

Everywhere he went he brought his unmatched microphone game - and more than a hint of dangerous authenticity. He left a lasting impression on the business, and many of the wrestlers and companies he worked with throughout his 25 years in the game are remembering him online.

Thanks for the memories, New Jack. Our thoughts are with his wife Jennifer, and everyone missing Jerome Young today.