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Thunder Rosa’s next NWA match has implications for AEW

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When Billy Corgan’s NWA returned a couple months ago with their Back For The Attack PPV, Kamille defeated Thunder Rosa to become the #1 contender for Serena Deeb’s Women’s championship.

It was a surprising outcome, and one that left some wondering if Rosa wasn’t being written out of NWA storylines given how popular (and essential) she’s become in AEW. But as we’ve been reminded in the past, the Mexican star has a contract with Corgan that she plans to honor. And while Deeb is out with an injury, and the promotion needs to fill their streaming shows - including next month’s When Our Shadows Fall event.

So on the latest edition of Powerrr, Kamille and Thunder Rosa had a meeting.

With Melina at her side, Rosa positioned herself as wrestling for the betterment of all women’s wrestling. When she was champ, “people understood that [title] means respect, honor.” Rosa proceeded to give Kamille and her associate Taryn Terrell a lecture about history.

Kamille responded that her rival only seems to be in it for herself, while she’s focused on NWA. To settle the debate - they agreed to a rematch. On the line? If Rose loses, she can’t wrestle outside the company any more. Kamille will force her to watch as she wins the Women’s championship from Deeb.

It’s an... interesting look to make wrestling exclusively for your company seem like a punishment.

Let’s see how that works out for them, and if the Forbidden Door shuts on Rosa.