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Andrade (and a bunch of AEW & ROH talent) booked for new promotion’s first show

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We’d heard about a new promotion featuring Ring of Honor World champion RUSH. Federación Wrestling was said to be the reason CMLL announced they were ending their partnership with ROH.

And when Federación announced the line-up for their first show yesterday (April 30), RUSH and several other ROH wrestlers were on the card. With the exception of El Toro Blanco, however, they weren’t the headline grabbing names.

In a move that ensures the unfortunate match announced earlier this week won’t be his first post-WWE booking, Andrade took part in Federación’s announcement of their June 19 PPV. El Idoló will team with RUSH, Bestia del Ring, and a mystery partner to face Matt Taven, PJ Black, and two teammates to be named later.

AEW is well represented, too. Lucha Bros Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix will battle Bandido & Dragon Lee, and Red Velvet & Tay Conti will bring a surprise partner to a trios fight Miranda Alize, Zeuxis & Ayako Hamada.


Other action includes Futuro & Brillante Jr. vs. Shoko & Barabas, and a triple threat with Rey Horus, Flamita, and yet another mystery man. A 20 man Torneo Copa Federacion Wrestling will have its participants revealed throughout May.

You can order the show here. At current exchange rates, it’s about $17 US.

Federación looks to be all about the Forbidden Door, claiming to be “a project that seeks to do what no one has been able to achieve, breaking paradigms and schemes by uniting the stars of the most important wrestling companies in the world.”

Are you gonna check it out?