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Sexy Star loses MMA fight via TKO

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Lucha libre kahuna Sexy Star (aka Dulce Garcia) made her return to the MMA cage earlier today (May 1, 2021) past the stroke of midnight with Combate Global, rebranded from Combate Americas. She was riding a two-fight win streak (unanimous decision and guillotine choke) in her fledgling MMA career, but her undefeated record came to an end via TKO against Claudia Diaz.

Sexy Star is a three-time AAA Reina de Reinas Champion and former AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champion (with Pentagon). She also won the Lucha Underground Championship in Aztec Warfare III by defeating the Man of 1,000 Deaths, Mil Muertes. Surely an MMA fight would be a walk in the park. Think again. That’s why they play the game, or fight the fight.

Sexy Star entered with a 2-0 MMA record. She was representing Monterrey, Mexico. Diaz came in with a 0-2 MMA record, however, she was a Muay Thai champion. Diaz represented Barcelona, Spain training in Phuket, Thailand.

In the video clip above, Sexy Star explained that she prefers a striking style. Due to her experience in lucha libre, she’s not concerned if the combat goes to wrestling. Diaz prefers to be on the attack to put on a show. Sexy Star closed by saying she is smooth like a seagull but fierce like a lion. Diaz knows Sexy Star will be prepared, but she will come more prepared. Score the trash-talk to Sexy Star.

Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape for age, height, reach, and weight.

Combate Global

The fight took place from a closed set in Miami, FL. Ding, ding, ding. Let’s do this!

Diaz led the flow as the aggressor with striking. Sexy Star was active in the counter punching game. Diaz landed a fist flush to Sexy Star’s face 50 seconds into the contest, but there was no substantial damage. Sexy Star started picking up her combination punching. Diaz answered right back. The fight progressed back and forth with an energetic pace. Diaz was quicker and engaged with more frequency to bloody Sexy Star’s nose. With 90 seconds left in the first round, Diaz drove Sexy Star into the fence looking or a takedown. Sexy Star reversed position against the fence. The clinch worked to a stalemate separation with 30 seconds remaining in the round. Both women threw blows, but nothing of consequence landed.

If forced to score the round, I’d go 10-9 Diaz. Honestly, I don’t know who to side with. It was fairly even with no definitive moments. I’d lean toward Diaz for pushing the pace.

Diaz came out for round 2 on the attack, but nothing considerable landed. Sexy Star returned fire. Diaz was more shifty in her movement, while Sexy Star maintained a boxing stance. The fight continued in the same flow as the first round. Sexy Star clinched against the cage halfway through the round. She tried for a takedown, but Diaz ended up on top. Diaz unloaded hammer fists. Sexy Star turned her body to give up her back. Diaz kept pounding away. As they transitioned to full back control for Diaz, referee William Clancy called off the bout. It was later announced that he stopped the fight due to a series of unanswered blows. Diaz was deemed victorious at 3:27 of round 2.

I’m not sure about that stoppage. It seemed on the quick side without the referee giving Sexy Star a chance to fight out from the new position. If Diaz has submission skills, she likely would have won anyway shortly after with a rear naked choke. Sexy Star did not protest, and her face looked like she was caught eating strawberries.

Combate Global

There’s no shame in that defeat. Better luck next time for Sexy Star. She has the Modelo fighting spirit to rise again.