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Seth Rollins suits up for battle with The Swiss Cyborg

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

This one is pretty simple, folks. Seth Rollins returned to SmackDown after his paternity leave and made an enemy. Instead of being the locker room leader he proclaims to be, he chose to be a messiah of fashion faux pas. And if there is one thing The Swiss Cyborg hates more than arrogance (that is not his own), it’s terrible fashion.*

*Ok...that might be a bit of an editorialize, but come on! Cesaro looks like James Bond in a suit, and Rollins looks like a clown. It at least has to annoy him.

The Road to WrestleMania 37

On Seth Rollins’ first night back on SmackDown, he gathered the locker room around the ring to address his return. For a teeny-tiny second, it seemed like Seth was going to apologize for his past behavior. Instead, he claimed that being a father made him realize that his destiny was to lead the locker room to greatness! However, the SmackDown locker room had clearly been watching the product and knew that Seth Rollins’ “leadership” led to broken hearts, broken dreams, broken eye sockets, and all departed. Except for Cesaro. Cesaro stayed behind, and for a split second, Seth Rollins believed that he had found a new acolyte.

He was wrong.

After his little temper tantrum, Seth Rollins thought he was done with Cesaro, but you can’t beat up on the King of Swing without going for a little ride!

After going for a little ride, Seth Rollins battled and defeated Cesaro’s pal Nakamura while Cesaro defeated Rollins’ old follower Murphy. Classic tit-for-tat. Things took a decidedly more “road to WrestleMania” turn, however, when Rollins tried to destroy Cesaro’s career with a steel chair and a well-placed stomp.

Now the battle of the suits must take place on the grandest stage of them all!

What’s at stake?

Cesaro has been on this precipice before, just on the brink of a big solo push. He’s got the talent, the looks, and the fan support to be a big main eventer, but it just hasn’t happened yet. If he wins this match against a former main event star, it could be the push he needs to take his rightful place at the top. Or, at the very least, start that impossible climb up the mountain.

If Seth wins, then all his...let’s say choices will be validated, and he will become even more insufferably smug. Cesaro, please, save us from that nightmare.

Seth Rollins will take on Cesaro at WrestleMania 37 exclusively on Peacock. Be sure to check back in at for all of your WrestleMania coverage.


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