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Seth Rollins with the best tweet in the history of AEW/WWE banter (Updated)

There have been many good wrestling tweets since AEW’s inception in 2019. Some have been shots aimed at WWE. Others have been return fire directed at All Elite. There have been good natured ones, and low blows.

For my money though, The Drip Master just fired one off that’s gonna be hard to top.


I assume you get the “forbidden door” part. It’s a very good component of the joke. But the best part is, of course, offering congrats to an article of clothing.

Now, it’s possible I’m overreacting, and this only belongs in the middle of the pack of anyone’s 21st century wrestling war power rankings. My love of Seth’s gimmick revamp could be clouding my judgement, or it could be recency bias... especially since our last example of AEW/WWE banter was Being The Elite’s not-great jab at the Mickie James “Trash Gate” situation.

But I don’t think so.


UPDATE: The Bucks have responded. It’s comes in the form of an updated Twitter bio, because as part of their heel gimmick which consists of basically being as annoying as possible at all times, that’s what they do now instead of tweeting, ...

Young Bucks’ Twitter

Context: Seth’s name in ROH and on the indies was Tyler Black. Earlier in his WWE career, Rollins was in a faction with Jon Moxley that you may have heard of.

This is good stuff, but the top spot on my banter standings remains unchanged.

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