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Andrade announces first post-WWE booking, continues to tease international plans

Buddy Murphy’s Twitter

After negotiating his WWE release in March, there was a lot of speculation about Andrade’s next move. That was amplified when Andrade confirmed follow-up reports he did not have a non-compete period. He could theoretically show up anywhere, any time.

The former WWE NXT and United States champion did a couple shoot interviews for Mexican media, but fan dreams of him showing up on AEW Dynamite - or in Ring of Honor with his old friend RUSH - have thus far gone unrealized.

For his first pop-WWE gig, Andrade’s going smaller:

To be fair, that’s El Idolo’s first announced gig. It’s still conceivable he could show up somewhere else in the next couple weeks between now and the signing at (checks notes) The Wrestling Guy Store. In addition to shouting out fiancée Charlotte Flair’s return to Raw on Monday, Andrade’s been teasing moves on social media, posting photos from planes, retweeting the pic in our header of himself in an airport with Buddy Murphy, and this:

Where will those travels take Andrade? Will he arrive somewhere before his meet-and-greet in Southern California on May 2?

We shall see.

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