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AEW Revolution 2021 preview: Kenny Omega reveals blueprint for the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch

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AEW is ready for a Revolution Sunday night (Mar. 7, 2021) in their latest PPV. The eight-bout main card kicks off at 8 pm ET. Let’s run down the storylines and x-factors for each contest to get you prepared for the evening’s festivities.

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs Jon Moxley

This has been a feud in the making since AEW’s second show in the company’s history when Omega ambushed Moxley at Fyter Fest in June of 2019. They finally competed against one another in an unsanctioned Lights Out match at Full Gear in November of that same year. Moxley prevailed in a crazy war involving mousetraps and a barbed wire spiderweb.

It would be over a year later until round two of their rivalry. The rematch took place during Dynamite in December 2020. Omega dethroned Moxley as world champ with an assist from “The Invisible Hand” Don Callis.

After that conspiratorial finish, Moxley has stated that he will not stop coming for Omega until he regains the golden prize. Omega understood the seriousness of that proclamation, so he upped the ante for round three to an EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATHMATCH.

X-factor: Three things. Exploding. Barbed wire. Deathmatch. Each on its own can be devastating. All together equals pure chaos. Just take a look at this clip of Atsushi Onita trying to save Terry Funk.

Omega revealed the blueprint and rules for this peculiar brand of deathmatch.

Basically, the winner will be determined by pinfall or submission. After 30 minutes, it will be time for the ring to explode. That’s on top of all the individual land mines that happen to pop off during the fight. If you are wondering why only three sides of barbed wire, Omega clarified that it is for safety reasons.

Street fight: Sting & Darby Allin vs Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Sting! The Icon is back in the ring for his AEW wrestling debut. Team Taz’s beef with Allin and Sting has been simmering for months. Taz bristled at Allin’s rude brush-off of coaching tutelage, so he brought in Cage to make Allin pay. Ever since Sting arrived in AEW, he’s been watching Allin’s back.

There was hesitation in excitement about Sting gracing the ring once more due to his age and physical limitations. Stinger answered those questions by taking a powerbomb from Brian Cage and coming back the next week with a Stinger splash and Scorpion Death Drop. Whether this match is cinematic or live, Sting is ready.

One question remaining to be answered is if Sting will wear jeans in the street fight. If I’ve learned anything from years of watching wrestling, it is that denim pants are the official attire when taking the fight to the street. I just hope he doesn’t try to match Allin and wear skinny jeans. That might restrict Sting’s mobility.

X-factor: Sting’s baseball bat. Team Taz has shown their reluctance to attack when Sting has his bat. Sting’s bat is older than the careers of Cage and Starks. It has been through some wars and won’t have any issue cracking skulls. Taz will have to devise a game plan to neutralize this weapon.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks (c) vs Chris Jericho & MJF

The Inner Circle survived a tag team battle royale to earn the title shot. It became personal when Jericho and MJF bloodied the Young Bucks’ father.

X-factor: Emotion. Anger will be running hot for the Jacksons, and that’s when mistakes get made. Jericho and MJF will be cold and calculating waiting for any screw-ups. The question will be if that emotion becomes a positive or negative for the Bucks. It could cause them to be sloppy in lust for vengeance or it could be used as fuel to overcome when the going gets tough.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs Ryo Mizunami

Shida is the longest reigning champion in AEW history at 285 days and counting. Mizunami won a tournament to be in this position. This match is more of a prize fight than a wrestling feud.

X-factor: Show-stealer. There are lots of gimmick matches on this card. Shida and Mizunami will be a change of pace as a regular contest. That means they will have to up their game to stand out. Both are highly skilled and capable of stealing the show. I’m expecting a slugfest with heart and determination.

Money Match: Hangman Page vs Matt Hardy

Hardy tried to bamboozle Hangman into signing a managerial contract while drunk, but the cowboy switched the paperwork unbeknownst to Money Matt. That signed deal was actually for a match with a stipulation. If Hangman wins, then he will be paid all of Hardy’s earnings for the first quarter of 2021. Being a fair individual, Hangman agreed to put his wealth on the line from that same period.

The feud became emotional when Hardy was angered about Hangman choosing the Dark Order over him. Hardy has now made it his mission to destroy the purple crew. He has enlisted the services of Private Party and TH2 to assist.

X-factor: Bounties. Hardy may very well offer cash bounties, or rewards, if Private Party, TH2, and whoever else wants some extra cash to help him win. Hangman seems too frugal for that, so the Dark Order will need to have his back for free. It is tough to call who will have the advantage in that regard. You get what you pay for, but you can’t buy friendship.

Face of the Revolution ladder match

The winner will earn a shot at Darby Allin and the TNT Championship. Cody Rhodes, Pentagon, and Scorpio Sky were gifted spots in the contest. Lance Archer defeated Fenix to qualify. Max Caster had help from Jack Evans and a boombox to win his qualifier versus 10. The sixth and final slot still remains a mystery.

X-factor: Pentagon. The luchador is returning to action from time off due to injury. With his zero fear mentality, that could mean an insane stunt takes him out of contention. Or it could mean he goes above and beyond to punish his opponents.

Miro & Kip Sabian vs Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

When Trent recklessly destroyed Sabian’s arcade video game, best man Miro made it his mission to punish the Best Friends. Trent is out with an injury, so that left Taylor to fight the battle. Miro soundly defeated Taylor with the stipulation to become his butler. Taylor and Cassidy disrespectfully ruined the wedding celebration of Sabian and Penelope Ford. Now it is time to settle it in the ring.

X-factor: OC. Orange Cassidy is an enigma. Miro will manhandle him. Be certain about that. The question is how much pain Cassidy can take. He’s notorious for offensive flurries when you least expect. Cassidy’s performance will determine whether or not his team wins.

Casino Tag Team Battle Royale

The winning duo will earn a future tag title shot. Bear Country, Alex Reynolds & John Silver, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, Santana & Ortiz, Butcher & Blade, Private Party, Top Flight, PAC & Fenix, Varsity Blonds, the Sydal brothers, SCU, Natural Nightmares, Chaos Project, Austin & Colten of the Gunn Club, 5 & 10, Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi, and Jurassic Express have been announced to participate. The rules are similar to the Royal Rumble.

X-factor: Star-maker. There are lots of young squads in the battle royale. A win in this bout and a future competitive loss for the tag titles on TV would help boost the reputation of one of these teams.

Riho & Thunder Rosa vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Reba

The match was thrown together for the pre-show. Thunder Rosa and Dr. Baker have long-standing issues. Reba is Baker’s assistant. Riho is arguably AEW’s top women’s star, so why not toss her in the mix.

X-factor: Reba is not a lock to compete. She is recovering from a previous beatdown at the hands of Nyla Rose. Commentary stated during Dynamite that if Reba isn’t medically cleared, then Baker should get to choose her new partner. I’m sure the lure of free dental care could persuade the trainer into deeming Reba unfit. I’ve got my eye on NWA Women’s Champion Serena Deeb filling that role to rumble with former NWA champ Rosa and loosely promote the NWA’s return to PPV later this month.

The Revolution PPV can be purchased through B/R Live (and traditional PPV) in the US and Canada, as well as elsewhere across the globe.

What are your x-factors for each bout at All Out? Which contest will steal the show?

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