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A new faction with Chris Dickinson and Homicide is bringing violence to ROH

Tony Deppen’s Twitter

One of the more interesting stories in professional wrestling over this past weekend occurred at Ring of Honor’s 19th Anniversary event. Brody King led a crew of hooligans to storm the ring and cause chaos at the show’s conclusion. King’s surprise group included Chris Dickinson, Homicide, and Tony Deppen. Move over, Los Ingobernables and the Foundation. There is a new faction in town.

The primary storyline heading into the 19th Anniversary show involved faction feuding between Los Ingobernables and the Foundation. Rush, Dragon Lee, Kenny King, Bestia del Ring, and Amy Rose were one unit, while Jonathan Gresham, Jay Lethal, Tracy Williams, and Rhett Titus were the other team. With all championships being defended, the Foundation aimed to take the titles as a way to reach their goal of purifying professional wrestling.

Heading into the 19th Anniversary, Los Ingobernables had momentum after defeating the Foundation in an 8-man tag. That momentum came to a screeching halt when it was announced that Dragon Lee would be missing the show due to an eardrum injury. Lee was the reigning TV champ and also holder of the tag titles. King stepped in as a replacement for TV duty, and Bestia replaced his son for tag team duty.

The night got off to a rocky start for Los Ingobernables when Williams defeated King to win the ROH World Television Championship. Rose was a little too overzealous in trying to cheat. She slid in a chair for King to use, but it ended up directly between King and Williams. The Foundation member outsmarted King by using a fake-out to reach for the chair. As King bent over in an effort to retrieve the steel first, Williams picked him up for a piledriver to finish the match.

Gresham did his job in retaining the Pure Championship, even though, his opponent was not involved in the faction feud. The 5’4” pure wrestler climbed the 6’5” mountain known as Dak Draper. Gresham used a suicide dive to transition to a sleeper hold. Draper carried himself with Gresham on his back into the ring to avoid a count-out. Due to the Pure rules, Draper had no more rope breaks. He could not break free from Gresham’s submission, so he was choked out.

The Foundation was chugging full steam ahead as Williams and Titus took down King and Bestia to become new tag champs. Rose once again played a role in the finish. Bestia was in control on Titus and requested a steel chair from the manager. She slid it into the ring instead of handing it to him. The referee intervened, and Titus made use of the distraction to go on the attack. He wore down Bestia and won gold via full nelson submission.

King and Bestia were irate at Rose’s incompetence. She flipped the middle finger right in King’s face. King composed himself to apologize, but it was just a set-up for a spear from Bestia. I think it is safe to say Rose has lost her Ingobernables status.

The chips were down for Los Ingobernables heading into the main event, but Rush managed to salvage the night by retaining the ROH World Championship against Lethal. The challenger had the champ in trouble with a figure-four, but King and Bestia ran down to the ring. Lethal anticipated an attack, so he released the leglock to fend off the goons. Lethal went for his Lethal Injection handspring cutter, but Bestia hit him in the back with a chair. Referee Todd Sinclair declined to toss out the match, per Lethal’s earlier request to not take this title opportunity away. The Foundation ran down to take care of Los Ingobernables.

Rush charged for his Bull’s Horns corner dropkick, however, Lethal met him with a spinebuster. Lethal went for Lethal Injection, but Rush came with knees to the back. Lethal sprung up for a cutter then finally hit Lethal Injection. Rush stayed alive to kick out of the cover.

Rush fired up for a running forearm smash. Bull’s Horns connected. Lethal immediately rolled out of the ring to protect himself. Rush placed Lethal back in the corner. The challenger was too damaged to move. Rush hit a second Bull’s Horns for victory.

Los Ingobernables celebrated in the ring. As they put boots to Lethal, the Foundation returned for another brawl. Rush’s crew was on top to stand tall.

All of a sudden, Brody King called out the champ. King had beef with Rush for using Ingobernables interference to retain in their title bout at Final Battle in December. King had numbers against him, so now he has numbers of his own. Tony Deppen flanked King as a distraction for Homicide and Chris Dickinson to ambush Los Ingobernables from behind.

King’s men of violence laid waste to Los Ingobernables. King offered his hand to Lethal only to land a massive clothesline. Homicide cleaned up with a Cop Killer vertebreaker.

This is a very interesting turn of events from ROH. King’s plans had been smartly teased over the weeks, and this is a fantastic pay-off. It establishes King as a king, elevates a youngster in Deppen, offers a surprise veteran return with Homicide, and shocks with a surprise debut of Dickinson. I’m assuming this vignette from last week’s TV episode refers to King restoring violence to ROH.

This new group has intensified the faction feuding into faction warfare. Los Ingobernables are all about disorder and humiliating their opponents. The Foundation desires to restore honor and purify wrestling. King’s soldiers are going to restore violence. The world of ROH is heating up.

In post-show comments, Los Ingobernables stated that they are going to destroy everyone in this company and stack the bodies.

What’s your reaction to Brody King, Tony Deppen, Homicide, and Chris Dickinson restoring violence to ROH? Who are you picking to emerge victorious from the faction war?

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