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Lucha Underground standout shares amazing story of where he’s been and how he plans to comeback

Lucha Underground was a hotbed of talent in its short run. Several stars have gone on to bigger things. John Morrison, Taya Valkyrie, Killer Kross as The White Rabbit, and Prince Puma (aka Ricochet) are all signed to WWE. Brian Cage, Fenix, Pentagon, TH2, Sonny Kiss, and Jake Hager compete for AEW. Kobra Moon is better known as former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa. Dragon Azteca became an ROH trios champ under his current name Rey Horus. That’s just to name a few. With so many of LU’s wrestlers landing across several televised promotions, there was one popular character that seemingly slipped through the cracks.

That man went by the name of Marty “The Moth” Martinez. “The Moth” was a true success story. He debuted as a delusional rich mark and ascended to the top of The Temple as Lucha Underground Champion.

Martin Casaus, the man behind the moth, explained his absence from the wrestling world and how he is training for a comeback at Cody Rhodes’ Nightmare Factory.

Long but real post. Its crazy that 10 years ago I was standing in the ring with the best in wrestling w @steveaustinbsr & the coaches on @wwe Tough Enough. This is where I 1st started to believe I can do this for living. I was bullied as a kid & long story short it created self doubt issues

Time flies. Some say I went a little crazy on Lucha Underground. That’s okay though I had fun, competed with the best in the world, got a crappy haircut, tried to light a guy on fire (sorry @penta_zero_miedo ...jk), & won some championships along the way.

In Feb 2019, I herniated my L4 & L5 in my spine while doing a workout stream. ( Not lifting, I herniated them while hugging my pup on stream. Yes, I got injured hugging my adorable dog. Docs said I needed surgery. I opted for stem cells instead. I’ve spent the last 2 years relearning how to walk without pain from sciatica & muscle tension. I had to relearn how to run on the treadmill. Spent more time on rehab than heavy weights. My stream watched the struggle. I learned that progress is just as important as results. I had already beat sleep apnea, learned to manage my lyme disease, & I spent way to much time fighting to be healthy that there was not a chance in hell I wasn’t chasing my dream with it

Now full circle, I’m back in the ring with some of the best in the business again. I had to relearn how to run & walk without pain. No better way to reteach myself wrestling & knock off any ring rust than to go to one of the best wrestling schools in the country.

People ask me “what do you do to become a wrestler?” & I say the same thing everytime. “Go to the best & most reputable wrestling school you can go to & out work & out study everyone else”. So I’m here training at the @nightmarefactoryga. You’re never done learning in wrestling & progressing everyday.

@realqtmarshall documentary said “Don’t ever give up your passions, hopes, & dreams no matter how long it takes or what anybody tells you. So that’s what I’m going to do. Progress every single day physically & mentality.

Hello Nightmare Factory, Lets play!

Go to for booking. What do you strive for? Your struggle?

That is impressive intestinal fortitude by Casaus to never quit. Who would have guessed that picking up a dog would put a bright prospect on the shelf for two years.

Casaus’ career path is comparable to his run as Martinez, minus the kidnapping and torture. Both followed their dream in the ring. Casaus began on Tough Enough, while Martinez was given a unique opportunity from Dario Cueto. If Casaus can return to form at the Nightmare Factory, it might give him an inside track to burst through Tony Khan’s forbidden door in AEW. Imagine the epic comeback story if Casaus becomes a champion again.

Are you excited to see Casaus return to the ring? If AEW signed Casaus, how would you use him in their universe?

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